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Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
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Earn Cryptocurrencies by playing this simulation game

What's up friends
Today I am going to write you about a page that has a simulation game where you can earn tron ​​coins,

the game has its own exchange house where you can exchange more than 20 assets to use them within the game or

to withdraw it in TRON currency

This game is called cropByte is an entertaining game where you have a farmer who is dedicated to 

taking care of a farm where you go to each of the locals to put the farmer to work.

Earn up to TRX 12,000 worth of rewards every time you refer a friend!
They will give you assets once 5 days of harvest have passed in the game. It is an interesting game that no game gives you what this game gives you


CropBytes has a balanced crypto economy that allows all players to earn money by creating and maintaining their farm's 

economy through supply and demand. The basic concept of the game is simple. You will receive game assets to start your adventure, a space of land to sow,

some water, seeds and some farm animals and food.
You must sow the seeds, water, wait for the time to harvest them and turn those crops into food for animals. The animals when being fed produce different resources such as milk, eggs, wool, game cards etc.
Game Cards are necessary to create some advanced game assets that can increase your earnings but are also difficult to obtain or expensive in the market. Grow, harvest and make food for your animals
Grow crops and fruits, collect them to make food for your animals, or sell them for crypto. You get milk extracts, eggs, etc. when you feed your animals

The more you own in the game, the more money you will earn
Buy assets and grow your agricultural business. The more assets you have, the bigger your business will be. Sell ​​utilities,
produce assets, and more to increase your daily returns.






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