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BITCOIN AT 3,000,000 USD

Do you want to know the Present past and future BITCOIN?

Hello crypto friends how are you

I am here to make a prediction about BITCOIN and cryptos. I have 6 years of experience in cryptos,

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We go in parts.
First of all, BITCOIN was created to free us from the dark power that moves the strings of the world.

Therefore BITCOIN means freedom Having bitcoin or cryptos means that you have a little financial freedom in your hands, it is to have GOLD 2.0.
Let's see the past
Bitcoin was born in 2008 Approximately priced at $ 0.05 USD on the market In the year 2009, December reached a maximum price of $ 34 USD per BTC. In 2013, December reached a maximum price of $ 1,310 USD. In the year 2017, December reached a maximum price of $ 19,950 USD.

This means that every 4 years something EXTRAORDINARY happens with BITCOIN if we go to the year 2021 it is predicted that bitcoin will reach a price of $ 275,000 USD per BTC UNIT. This means that we are still in time to acquire bitcoin at a good price, ARE YOU GOING TO LOSE IT?
If we go to the year 2025, it is estimated that BITCOIN will reach a maximum price of $ 3,000,000 USD per bitcoin. If you only had 0.01 BTC in your wallet in 2025 you would have $ 300,000 USD in your wallet.
Do you doubt it?

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