Useful tools to track your crypto investments

<<If we really want to contribute to actualize a new and more efficient bank system, we have to try, let’s go out from our comfort zone and try to learn, test and why not? Get ready…>>

If you read my first article about crypto (link in resources), you know the phrase above was my conclusion. 

Once again, doing some researches all around the web and speaking about my experience, I would like to introduce another particular aspect I had to face during my really first investments: how to track them whenever and wherever I want, even with my mobile phone when I am not at home.

I have found and tried different website/app, but here below you can find the 3 most relevant with specified what I found a pros and cons.



Quality: it is probably the tool with more detailed info, you can see many details regarding the deposited tokens, the vault and LP-tx, the impermanent loss info too and the “history” of the investment.

Defect: big part of these details are not shown if you have not the PRO access, this means you have to pay proportionally to the wallets value to consult everything.




Quality: the division into two sections, dashboard and Xray pages, allow you to have a general overview of your cryptocurrencies values, converted in real time in each currency you prefer (free service).

Defect: not all the yield platforms can be connected so depending on which investment you are working the summary is only partial.



Ape Board:


Quality: all platforms and wallet can be connected so you can check them all together into only one page very easily.

Defect: the summary is not detailed, it shows only the final value updated in that specific moment, without any other detail.


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Cripto for (Italian) beginner

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