Browse without ads wow

Browse without ads wow

By lancelot7 | Cripto Green Word Pump | 16 Jan 2020

Hi friends no doubt this is an airdrop which is one of my favorites because 2 reasons just using an app and referring it to new people we are commissioned after 30 days this is the first reason.

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The 2 reason is surfing the internet without seeing those annoying ads from google or outllok, youtube in the search bars on movie sites was a powerful and bold solution that brave developers have created.


Unlike the big competitor Google Crome who just wants him to brave when he sends you notice of advertising is minimized and yet if we want to see we get fractions of their Bat coins this is amazing to be rewarded for seeing ads.

Good to close the big reason I have been running this program since 2019 is that it is fantastic and pays rigorously after 30 days the commission is confirmed from $ 7.5 to $ 2 depending on the region of the referred and the more people we indicates and use the app for at least 30 days we earn these values ​​without limit of indication this is great I will leave the links in the post to register.

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Tanks Friends.



Sou um entusiasta de criptografia sonho em alcançar meu 1 ethereum aqui com vocês.

Cripto Green Word Pump
Cripto Green Word Pump

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