How to get FREE CRYPTO for uploading your YouTube videos

By ibbysquish | Creative Tips | 4 Feb 2021

An immitator or an innovator?

Plagiarism is rampant throughout human history, but there's so many ways in which lbry innovates on the video sharing platform idea. ANYONE can earn, unlike YouTube where you'd need 1000 subs just to even START EARNING.


When a company or team is unique you know you found a team capable of exploting and capitalizing on the shortcomings of your competitor, even if that competitor is Youtube.


Does Youtube censor content? Yes, where as lbry really can't or shouldn't censor.

Does Youtube crush monetization for its users? Yes.


Do videos get shared by an algorithm under our control? Yes, and just figuring out the algorithm is a big thing.

These actions, some of which are completely novel and game changing, that involve independent thinking instead of copy pasting, ensure that LBRY will groiw and take more and more users from Youtube.






Network Effects

With all this being said, I think is safe to assume that LBRY will go parabolic, both in terms of users and price action, it works, it has a great technical team (including some people who can be correctly labeled as hackers) and they tackle fundamental problems in novel and creative ways, and by now is way ahead of the pack, even if tomorrow a project based on Ethereum has a functioning dapp, they will lack users and community and a token listed in centralized exchanges, which means thuat is almost too late now for another team to catch up and take the lead.







LBRY has elegantly solved the problem of keyword trolling or cybersquatting, micropayments, censorship resistance in data while being reasonable against illegal content, with said content being able to be blocked by users and also not displayed on the LBRY dapp.


Join LBRY with my link below and you'll get some free LBC, the token used on lbry:$/invite/@Cryptolohy:d$/invite/@squad67ld:c


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