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You may not know the 5 Secret Tricks by Google

Today I will share with you a little different post. Today's post will show you 3 fun things from google that you may not have seen before. So let's see:

1. Thanos

Do a search by typing thanos on Google first.351665157-9e4a73b5f736f561c5f02d7053af58fcb9062290e18251aed74a37728d5e8dfc.png

One such page will click here.


Now you see, all the search results here will disappear one by one.



2. Color Picker

If you search Google by color picker it will come.

From here you can select any color you want.


You can pick any color from here and share it.

3. 10 value Spinner

Search by typing 10 value spinner


There will be a page where you can spin any way you want.


Fidget spinner here instead of number. Can sort


4. Roll a dice
Search Google by typing roll a dice


Then a page will appear, clicking on the role here will roll the dice, and you will see the point.



5.breathing exercise

Do a search by writing breathing exercises.


Click here.351665157-9c303791374b96491464970f63edd5c4806f504da7efd5a3268b4e654f7ca10e.png

Here it will tell you to breathe for 5 minutes.
Breathe in during breathe in

Breathe out during breathe out.



This was Google's 5 Funny Trick
Which you may not have known before
So far,
Everyone will be well, healthy.

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