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Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto

Join Bitribe Exchange site and get 400 TFC (40$) payment for free immediately [with proof of payment]

PaymenT ProoF

How to join?

To join, first click on the link below👇

Airdrop Bot

Clicking on the link above will take you to the Telegram bot. From here you will click on Start


Then to select your language from here you will be asked to select English from here


Then it will give you captcha of addition and subtraction. You will solve the captcha


I was captured three times. I have completed it three times. You will do it as many times as you want



Then click on start task from here


Then click here to join their telegram groupb4f14f3910b268ba2bffbb1cf7854a967a9010e9723e7000e36d6edbe3c739ef.jpeg

Then click on Next Step from here


Then click here to join their telegram channel13958710b65cda1dcd0fc4af65fbc2b857196a3b50bcd5d17ed97ac1d40665d2.jpeg

Then click on Next Step from here20ef88acc04217146a858912d4886dbecd46d7b357de7daa343c8dc3fb18af7b.jpeg

Then to follow them on Twitter you will be asked to click on Follow Our Twitter6826c706425c94a28d40fac6ba8ad959d4ba523c97e58eb3fb7d6f175190104c.jpeg

Then click on follow from here


Then send your Twitter username to Telegram Bootee28766d8852d1384a0e4febd376cf93e4f5a55b77c2ed493191fbebb570b27c.jpeg

Then click on Twitter again from here3a3275da8781b44334f6fecb1a10951699410b3e90a34ba4428da8d3b032995e.jpeg

Then click on follow from here



Then send your Twitter username to Telegram Boot


Then click on Retweet On Twitter from hereea317c138b9aac3932b0b333bcd8f298f62e79b2021e55b91c4171d06d61ab07.jpeg

Then click on Tweet from here68917b5f2a2bc3b9ffeae93a3a01178458b623f468c5ba0b3bcb2bb272a0abb9.jpeg

Then go to your Twitter profile and click on the share of the post you tweetedf8716c99859b9774850cc0bc0c17f85dd265390a83f4d740af88a657fa4aae58.jpeg

Then copy the link from hereaee2b76077804fcefaf175b3b49ce62435860ad723b2807765cde31f6ddf050d.jpeg

Then go to Telegram Boot and paste your link35350ddc34cf2e376b8ff38e8b6f7b6e5cc651c9814ead03ddad44e89ff0f75e.jpeg

Then click on it to share Facebook post from here7a7050cd1eddd2a368cfffd3bf6e759ae8a3464d7bef579553323dedfb59de7d.jpeg

Then click on Share from heree93e3b44e2b2425b32e99db5937cb909024aed3cf18ec646b6f356033acff071.jpeg

Then click on Share Now


Then copy the link of the post you shared from your profile and send it to Telegram Boot.


Now you need to register on Bitribe Exchange site, click on sign up from herefb8d216b6241c25e26c010e46b5c98cee717d6b479e391f94b2aa4c35f2d675b.jpeg

Then click on the email from heree6a41daaa44cdbf4294cfad775f314a786fec55f239e1f4e2e80c3d3a1a3077b.jpeg


Then click Send Code after entering your email and password here


Then a code will be sent to your mail. Copy the code


Copy and paste the code here3a30bc40e93a62551e7c17e6c1adb2963bd4fa56b38ec031e47d3c074dd48a79.jpeg

Then put a tick mark heredff4747cdc08b51b2392eceafd928a56b4f8b5e10979d42a560e2e040e08afcb.jpeg

Then click on sign up from here and you will be registeredb15f89e3b190ece206e929e57ae345c4d86b1c20c01c6ebb782654368d222ec4.jpeg

Then clicking on your email from here will take you to the User Centerc3fdbc3fce67457b506d53bfe6de842514a65886a97f290ce38fbc17f7a6e06b.jpeg

Then copy your UID from here057a1baed47cbc50f5f77714937c57800726383c1e6c5f92824e8f9e654b1b29.jpeg

Then go to Telegram Boot and send your copied UID081f1528a2e367e2c74048fa0499f42362c3c44345dbb3bce5f75e7738ddffde.jpeg

Then click on your balance from here8f7f2b5d7f33c2f4c36bd5e8034384f3c63d2b55e08586f2486277b564b064c3.jpeg

Then find the TFC token from here


Then click on TFC Deposit from here01866a806e228b8cc6f178a13f97b678a7dc456b2606fd5bd9edc5adf640e917.jpeg

Then copy the deposit address from here4538787a610be6e652f329d2226043daa418a8438a97bbc2f2953f12601ab40f.jpeg

Then go to Telegram Bot and send them your deposit address2d867fa2e4128a3a9dcc9b444c6cd5ad797948720233572026868255f356d083.jpeg

As soon as you send the deposit address you will see 400 TFC tokens in your account


Now you can withdraw these tokens, click on Withdraw


See Withdraw Success Instant but will be credited to our account within 30 minutes


Now I clicked on the balance to check my balance


See in my account but zero balance now no balance all the payments are done613f5e2e788f07c1ffd74ec63e1fa78e2787698ed95bfd355fca8b0b464a5bf1.jpeg

You can earn more if you want. You will get 50 tokens from each referral by referring and here is the minimum Withdraw 50 token and this is your referral link.f0982d024e0ad76725cf90349a2df95853450f4ec66ed54e6472efcd43172a0c.jpeg

Payment within 20 minutes I have received payment 2 times See my payment proof


I will post another new post on how to exchange this token and you must complete the KYC verification later.


🎁Register Now and Earn 258 USDT For Free🎁

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