Early days

By Blackf16h | creative funk and stuff | 14 Oct 2021

Sweet Cadillac in the gold and blue

Another tasty rhyme from you know who

I ain’t playing games like my man Mr. Do and I ain’t no genius like Miles in Bitches Brew

One thing though, that I really like to do

Is give mC’s free lessons at the Doctor Jones school

So bring ya lunch box, no sandals with white sox

If you really good then and cause no trouble, you can play in the sandbox

Ladies, you know the rule

Extra help is available after school

Is that cool? Can you recite the golden rule?

No ABC or 123...do you think Old Jones is a fool?

I see your passing notes at the back of the class

Detention is the word ‘cause I’m going to whoop some ass

Entrance can be difficult, so now you perform a task

Keep your eyes on your desk, no staring at my lass

I run a tight ship with class

Like my man Fred Blassie

The nameplate on my door reads

Jones MD

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New investor, curious about Altcoins but more interested in their value. Wanting to learn as much as I can as well. I work full time but looking for alternatives and other ways to supplement my income and make sure my kids are looked after.

creative funk and stuff
creative funk and stuff

So this is where I will post all the funky creative stuff from many years of performance, living life and enjoying the moment. I spent years as a singer in various groups, I sang a cappella, funk and jazz...I've recorded CD's and toured the country. I had so much fun sharing the stage with my best friends, I can't even tell you how much fun that was but I can share the lyrics, the poems, pictures and a few stories from those crazy, creative times!

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