Ban the gambling , make it gone

Why you shouldn't gamble with crypto or cash

By martintibor40 | Creation of new blog | 30 Dec 2019

1. It's risky

2. It creates financial crisis for yourself

3. It's addictive

4. You're not lucky like James Bond to pull off that trick

5. Don't expect youtube tutorials to work

6. Might be illegal in your country (it depends on)

7. It's not a job

8. It's not how life works

9. Get a job

10. Worst investment method ever

11. Don't believe gamblers advice (it's lie aka the cake is a lie)

12. Unemployent causer so let's just f***ing banning this s**t

13. You probably borrowed some money and got in deep trouble

14. You should get a therapy or council advices

15. Fake/Scam/Fraud (100 free spin yea thats bulls**t)

16. If you seen stories about gambling than you know it

17. CSGO probably does this too (spoiled kids using mom's credit card)

18. You're might underage or don't even know about the dangers

19. Just give it up - you can't win the lottery or jackpots

20. The odds winning is rare as dying from space rock falling on you

21. You won't be rich or wealthy

22. Even if you win a lot , you're going to lose all of it (POOR 5$ -> RICH 1M$ -> POOR AGAIN :C 0$)

23. You get grounded by parents because you used their credit card to gamble like William on youtube

24. You don't good money managment

25. You risk your information being stolen

26. You might get kidnapped (yea thats scary as it sounds)

27. Think about for one second , is it really worth it ?

28. You probably wasted your college funds on that kind of stuff

29. How else you will live in house if you can't pay your bill

30. Stop it , get some help

31. You might become depressed , suicide obsessed

32. You can't buy happiness with money

33. You just mocking about your income like bratty child

34. You go to jail for doing that

35. You're probably have a low iq to understand this

36. You're overestimating your outcome

37. You're just dreaming it , get back to reality

38. You don't want to be homeless , don't you ?

39. You gamble way too much money

40. Looks like you're out of luck

41. You're the unluckiest person on the earth (LUCK -10/10)

42. Just don't do it , okay ?

43. Don't murder your wealth

44. You're scamming people , so stop being a**hole

45. Your business model sucks

46. The servies is crappy , so just leave it already

47. Don't be a corrupt person

48. Delete your gambling account

49. Begone evil i mean gambling sites and other illicit activity

50. You don't have the guts to do it


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