Now You Can Create a New Blockchain Instantly, For Free

New Crypto-Inventors: now you can create your own blockchain, a totally unique and new type of crypto, instantly and for free.

Not only will it be 100% unique type of crypto,  with it's own blockchain, it will be way more secure than current "tokens" or other ICO's that simply piggyback of another crypto's blockchain.

Thanks to the Komodo platform, using their AtomicDex and Antara frameworks, anyone can quickly use their blockchain creator to create a new and unique cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Apparently they are not charging anything for the creator, which is no-code necessary.  You would simply pay for your own server, or host it on your own pc.

The Komodo platform (and your new blockchain) will be 100% separate and you can take your crypto and blockchain anywhere anytime.

With all of this news, it seems that Komodo may be too good to be true...  surely there is a catch somewhere right?

I assure there is no catch here. 

Your new blockchain will be infinitely more secure than even Bitcoin itself,  not to mention any other less superior solution.

Even compared to ERC tokens,  your crypto will be 1,000 times more secure, fast, and "smart" than any smart-contract ethereum users could possibly invent.

I have fully investigated Komodo and they are definitely doing something truly amazing here.

If you read how Komodo works, you will be blown away like I have.

Please, don't comment on them until you have done so, and have an intelligent comment about their technology.

In addition, Komodo is also the world's first Bitcoin and blockchain security system.

There are too many other amazing features to discover, so I implore you,  if you have any wish or desire to invent a new crypto-currency,  that you start with Komodo.

I plan to create mine with it, and am already learning the developer help documents.

Hopefully you can follow along with me and create your own crypto blockchain as well.

Stay tuned for the next installment, as I share my journey with creating my own crypto currency and blockchain with Komodo.

In the meantime, comment below and let's talk about Komodo, I am still learning but will do my best to answer any questions.


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Creating My Own Crypto
Creating My Own Crypto

Follow along with me as I create my own crypto-currency; and share with you my journey.

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