Windows Security

By CrazyKiller5150 | CrazyKiller5150 | 7 Jun 2021

I use to pay for Norton and I was going to pay $89.99 for another year of Norton but I've learned that Windows Security is all I need to protect my PC from online threats plus common sense and I was paying way too much for something I didn't need so here is how I protect myself from online threats 

1. Keep windows up to date 

2. I use different passwords for different accounts

3. I use passwords such as  Qe}E5ssV2~I~wxRgg?}|(S2w* 

4. I use a password manager (MyKi is my preference but there are others to choose from)

5. I use multifactor authentication (which I can use with MyKi too) 

6. I use Brave Browser and have  scripts globally blocked and only allow scripts on websites I want to allow them on

7. I use a VPN (ExpressVPN is my preference but there are others you can use, but don't ever choose a free VPN either) Note: This site doesn't allow you to use a VPN so make sure you turn it off before logging into your account on this site 


If you have any tips to stay safe while online feel free to comment below Password manager VPN Web browser  



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