Comparing Different Browsers

Comparing Different Browsers

The ultimatum compare of different browsers inclusive of all the pros and cons of the project and some of more basic details of the project that i am known to. I just feel pleasure to inform you about four different browsers.

1. BRAVE BROWSER- All of you may have known to this project as this is the best browser where publish0x can be best viewed. But if Not Manav is up to your service. This is the browser that helps you to search anonymously and privately across the web. Different Search Engines can be used here such as duck duck go along with the regular google. It helps you block different cross site ads though seemingly increasing web speed. It also provide you easy ways to earn the native BAT ( Basic Attention Token) through certain ad view that can be a max to 5 ads per hour. You can also opt out of the ads if you want. And if you are a content creator, then it can help you gain BAT through ads and through tips that might some of your loyal followers gift you. The BAT you earn can be withdrawn, can be used to tip certain creators and can be used as monthly contribution that can be given according to your searches.This can be used on both mobile and pc.


Cons - Some of the cons i face are rewards per ad are not great as it is 0.01 per ad or less and withdrawal limit is a bit high.But Something is always more than nothing. Some sites may not work under brave you can just unblock shields and continue. This is the best browser i have used till now and continuing usage.

Token Details - BAT (Basic Attention Token) Ranked 83 at Coingecko                                  Value Per Token - Just below 60 Cents at the time of writing.                                                                            Contract address - 0x0d8775f648430679a709e98d2b0cb6250d2887ef - Ethereum    0x3cef98bb43d732e2f285ee605a8158cde967d219 - Polygon                                       with a total supply of 1.5 billion token almost totally in circulation.. Can be traded on almost all major exchanges.

If you are not a user then why wait Join using the below link.

2. PRESEARCH -  At Number 2 is Publish0x ATF which it also held a contest for. This browser has a completely different perspective and usage and ways of earning. This browser offers you to earn their native PRE  token through searching over their browser. You can easily have a grab of about 3.6 PRE per day through first 30 searches of the day 0.12 per search. This can be also used as an app or can be used in a tab in different browser. Imagine of using Presearch browser in tab of Brave Browser earning both PRE and BAT at a time. The PRE tokens can be used to withdraw, or keyword staking where you stake some pre currently 500 against a word which when searched for displays your ad at top and can help you gain some traffic for your business.


Cons - Withdrawal limit seems bit high to me and the searches accountable for rewarding are in the top bar not clicking at randomn links which may take some time. I can't find anymore. If you can Comment.

Token Details - PRE (PRESEARCH )  - Ranked 826 at the time and value at 2 and a half cents. with 500 million total supply out of which 400 million is in circulation. Contract address - 0xec213f83defb583af3a000b1c0ada660b1902a0f  . Currently Exchanges at Kucoin, HitBtc, Probit and Uniswap.

If not Got then have a try and earn 25 PRE just for registering.

3. NETBOX - I have written a full fledged article about if want have a look by clicking on my profile and searching  about it. This is somewhat simpler not to have ads or to search 30 times a day. Just to spend time on the browser searching and having a part in winning. Your winnings depend upon time you spend browsing. The feature i love is that you can stake directly through the browser. You can earn native NBX tokens just by browsing and staking through the browser. The NBX tokens you earn you  can use for staking or can withdraw to your wallet. It have standard google search engine.


Token Detail - Can't find any con as started about 2 months ago. So straightforward to token details. NBX ( Netbox) ranked 1200 at coingecko and valued at 5.3 cents with just 78.3 million out of 100 million in circulation.

Just Use the link below and set up wallet and have free 10 NBX COINS. One on joining, 3 after a week and 6 after a month.

4.ECOSIA-  This is the browser i use for communal benefits not for personal finance. You can't earn any tokens here.but you will be able to plant trees sitting at your homes searching. The team plant one tree for an average 42 searches you do.

The team has planted about 129 million tress till date in different areas. Just Loved team Intentions.

Ecosia Browser is based on Chromium and is as fast and secure. It gives you an intuitive browsing experience with everything you need:
• Tabs
• Private mode
• History
• Bookmarks
• Downloads


🤝Planet over Profit
Their goal is to build a greener and better world for everyone, not to maximize returns for shareholders. That’s why we’ve made a legally binding commitment to ensure that no profits can ever be taken out of the company.

🌍Why Trees?
More than 25% of the world’s population rely on forest resources for their livelihoods. By planting trees you can fight climate change, restore landscapes, protect wildlife and help people by providing nutrition, employment and education. In the long term this leads to healthier, happier and more economically stable communities.

🔋CO2 Positive
We are more than just CO2 neutral. Ecosia owns and operates its own solar plant to power your searches with 100% renewable energy. In fact, thanks to the amazing trees we plant, each search actually removes around 1 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Forests need protecting and so does your privacy. We do both:
• We don’t save your searches
• We don’t track the websites you visits
• We don’t sell your data to advertisers
• Your searches are always SSL-encrypted

We know that trust has to be earned. That’s why we publish all our monthly financial reports and tree-planting receipts on our website.

Happy to be a part of the project.





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