A little helpful guide on NFT's part 2

By Crackers | Crackers83 | 31 Mar 2021

Right so small recap my last post about I covered Wax wallet and how to burn your NFT's for wax and how to buy Ram so your wallet can hold more NFT's here is the link if missed it dont forget if it helps you please give it an upvote



So I am here today to show you how to sell NFT's and the site we are using today is


So here is the main page to log in go to the top right hand corner and press three lines inside the box and this screen will appear

So from this screen you can see there is a drop down menu here you can see there has been over 7 million NFT's cards created and jus under 11,000 sold but for the time being we are just going to login on your account so when you press login you will get two options

So because we are using Wax wallet thats the one will hit you will know your logged in because your wallet address will appear on the screen now like so

So we are logged in so now we have decide what we are going to do so we are going to sell a card

So if you click on your wallet address you will bring up another list so if you want to sell something for your inventory click on your inventory again this will bring you into your wallet so hit inventory again and scroll down

So this is the first card I see in my wallet as I picked it up last night for free in an air drop so we will list this for the purpose on this article

So some details on the card that can play important role on the value of the card if you look up in the right hand corner you will see #335 this is the mintrd number now because it is so high up it will make the card less value plus as this was a free drop also means you proubly wont get much Wax for it . This was minted 2010 times . So if you click on details will give you some imformation also you can see the back of your NFT

So in details you can see the name of the NFT its i.d number the wallet who owns which is me the mint number also beside that you can see -4 with a flame which means four people have burnt this card . This card gas no backed token behind it . The collection the card belongs to and that it was a promo card the template id then you have properties that is transferableand burnable and the last bit is as you can you see I already have it for sale. Anyway lets see how we list it so if we back out to main screen of the card and this time we are going to press here

Which should bring you to this page I have split this over three pictures as il explain each one seperatly

So this is at the top of the page so you have options sale or auction we are just going for a sale this time so you can put whatever price you like in here but remeber you can see how they value sold and what market price is at the moment so if you look below lowest price is 0.08 Wax which is nothing but they will suggest a price as well

As you can see here someone sold one of this for 200 Wax lucky bugger but you can most of them are selling for nothing

And like everthing else there is fees to be paid when a card is sold and can be different depending on the NFT card so because I havent put in a value its saying zero and you always have to press confirm to put it up for sell I cant because again I havent put a value against the card . So if you want to check if your card is sold you can check here

A quick note is that your wax wallet balance and your Atomic hut will be different you Wax wallet will show balance after fees are paid Atomic wont

This was only meant to be two parts but I think it will have to be a three part so tomorrow I will cover how to sell on Atomichub

I original posted this on read.cash

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