6 Weeks of clicking with no reward

By Crackers | Crackers83 | 22 Jul 2020

So since lock down kicked in March I have been working from home which I have found myself with so much more time that I have I looked into lots of ways of getting crypto coins so I have downloaded lots of different apps to play around with one such app was ETH Terminal cloud miner which when you logged looked like something for Ms dos if your old enough to remember that . Any way I looked at the reviews on google play and as always you will good and bad reviews now there was nothing out of the ordinary there so I thought to myself il give it a go as

ETH is worth around $243.76 give or take depends what wallet you use .It was a simple system to use log in every 30 mins to mine now nobody's perfect so most days I would have it mining for 12 hours and between been busy  with the family or sleeping the app would be running in the back ground now because you had to reach 0.003ETH before cashing out and you only earned 0.00000250 per mine session it took a long time to mine .

Now I finally reached my payout on 10th of this month and went to cash out and it said please allow 2 to 5 days for cash to go to your wallet so being that its worth that much I gave it nearly 2 weeks for the money to appear in my wallet but yesterday I said that is that and then looked in the app for a contact details to see if there was an issue shock horror none there so I straight into google store I went yet low and behold its now gone from the store

Now as its only 0.003 of ETH I am not to bothered its more the fact I don't have the cash to spend on crypto so this was going to be used to as my exchange fee to try get some ADA .

This is more of rant then helpful advise but I do like to share me opinions on here so people are aware of what apps payout and what don't if this has happened to you or you have an app that works leave a comment and il happily give it a go 

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