Life in the Cotswolds

Embarking on the journey into crypto unknown, all aboard!

By Cotswolds-Brad | Cotswolds | 5 Jun 2021

Choices, choices, life is all about choices.  Do I spend this blazing hot sunny day in the Cotswolds relaxing lazily in my gravity chair watching the light fluffy clouds float by on a clear blue sky, or do I check out the latest prices of crypto and have some fun investing to see where that goes?

Having watched the recent rise and fall of Bitcoin, and the impact certain influencers can have on the wealth of those with far less to invest, and far more to lose, I decided one week ago to embark on the journey into the crypto unknown.  As I head out on this uncertain path, I have no idea where it will end.  However, better to have tried and hopefully gained but at worst failed, than wonder forever more “If only I had jumped on that train...”

I’ll write up any useful hints and tips along the way, hopefully others will benefit from what I learn, but above all, it’s got to be about fun, that’s the choice I make, that’s what life is about.

Local wildlife, more scary than it looks.




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Living the dream in the beautiful Cotswolds in the UK 🇬🇧.


Embarking on the crypto journey from the idyllic Cotswolds

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