Can 16%EAY staking at CEX.IO provide a balance against uncertainty in the market?

By Cotswolds-Brad | Cotswolds | 23 Sep 2021

Over the past week I’ve seen a lot of peaks and troughs on an hourly basis, this would be a welcome sight for hillwalking and those that have a crystal ball or an HG Wells time machine, but for me it’s a time of uncertainty when to hold, when to buy and when to sell, for sure when I’m offline, prices seem to spike and I miss many an opportunity.

16% EAY for ZIL on CEX.IO

If I truly believe what I’ve heard, I’m hopeful that there is a Mount Everest peak just around the corner, so I need to hold for a while longer, but holding is boring, so what I like is the ability to use automatic staking on CEX.IO, with a split between 16%EAY for ZIL and 10%EAY for MATIC at least I know while I’m waiting and even if the prices drop, I’m still gaining some interest, and I can literally sit for a few minutes watching my interest clock up, and balance out my uncertainty, 16% is a pretty good and balanced rate of interest for me, better than it sitting in the bank, more certain than a lotto ticket, gives me a warm fuzzy feeling especially now that “Winter is coming”.

Staking with pending trades

Best of all, even when I have pending trades on order, until the order completes, the staking automatically continues, so I can happily set a high and long sell price with the knowledge that I’m still gaining interest while I wait for that golden spike in price to hit.

This is my affiliate/referral link if you’d like to make use of it.

Keep your trading fun and please do your own research, this is in no way financial advice, just passing on something I’ve found useful while I wait for prices to rocket, I hope… 

Alternatively I find photography is a good way to relax, especially when in the Isle of Skye, or picking 


Isle of Skye

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