The beloved Cardano.

By 10 minutes | cotidiana | 26 Apr 2020

Cardano has become an attractive digital project thanks to a rating system called FCAS.

Cardano, the coin co-founded by Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, has been classified as an attractive digital project, according to FCAS standards.

FCAS measures the strength of digital currencies in terms of user activity, how developers develop a currency and the maturity of the market, and ranks the rating scale from 1 to 1000 points.

Cardano obtains an excellent score in 5 aspects

Cardano ranked 974 points of 1000 points as a symbol, 953 points in social interaction, 951 in terms of developer behavior, 944 points in terms of liquidity and 926 in terms of contribution of the symbol.

The coin also scored 806 points of market maturity, 793 points of network activity, 764 points of user activity and 868 points of global rating of basic assets (FCAS).

The report estimates that the Cardano received an excellent score on five points: the presence of the symbol, social interaction and liquidity, in addition to the behavior of the developers and the contribution of the symbol.

It also collected three attractions: market maturity, network activity and user activity, according to Flipside Crypto.

In the past six months, the maturity of the Cardano currency has increased by 8.32% to 806 points (attractive).

This comes at a time when the development team is working on updates to the properties of the parts, allowing them to explode.

The aspects that FCAS takes into account

FCAS takes on a number of aspects which are mentioned, and that means the following:

User activity refers to all customer behavior towards a particular cryptocurrency, and also includes project usage and network activity factors, which apply to the classification of Cardano coins.

Activity is calculated within blockchain networks and wallet addresses are monitored to determine the number of users, the exchanges in which the currency is exchanged, the contracts and the types of participants.

Developer behavior indicates activity and effectiveness of the development community in a particular currency and includes changes in the programming process, code improvement, and community participation, such as in the classification of Cardano parts .

Regarding market maturity, it refers to risk factors and money supply, and the extent to which money provides a fixed return, by assessing market risks and analyzing the situation of money supply for each currency.

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