| Weekly News & Dividends Report #7 | Weekly News & Dividends Report #7

By costanza | costanza | 11 May 2020

I continue to track the Dividends along with my personal Poker Results on on a weekly basis along with the platform developments to get a clear view of returns, opportunities, and danger signs.


Dividend Decrease

This was the first week where there was a considerable Dividend decrease of -50% compared to last week! It's hard to tell where this comes from as there are different reasons.

  • The Gamblers Getting Lucky (Less profit WIN holders)
  • Random lower volume
  • Mining Ponzi drying up

There was an update post on the Wink Foundation Medium Blog (Link) where they gave a clear update on the actual circulating supply which is currently at around 314 Billion instead of the 197 Billion as mentioned on Coinmarketcap and 210 Billion on Tronscan. They seem to be releasing tokes as stated in the Whitepaper which will pretty much devaluate them with ~66%.

Only 155 Billion are currently frozen which means there needs to be a big increase in players and volume to hold up the current dividend as a lot more of them will eventually get frozen.

In order to grow their userbase, they are talking about releasing a new User Interface, integration with Poloniex wallets along with mass marketing. From the tone of the questions in the AMA, people aren't really trusting Wink and I can follow them as I've raised some concerns in these series of posts around wink. The way I look at things right now, they will do the effort to improve the platform and market it. This will likely attract more users which allows them to start actively selling their own supply as the dividends go up which will push them back down.


Wink and the WIN token is not something I would get heavily invested it and I will continue to keep it relatively small (<1000$). I do really enjoy the poker action along with the daily dividends and certainly think it's possible to earn from the platform if you stay disciplined. I might buy a bit more if the 21-day moving dividend average goes up again and reaches a 0.80% weekly ROI and sell once it gets below 0.40%. Right now things are in the hodl zone.


I remain at 4 Million WIN Staked which is currently worth 296$ and gave 65.150 TRX (0.928$) Dividends last week good for 0.31% returns. This was also the first full week of voting on Super Representatives which brought 7.641 TRX for a 3380 TRX Vote which is quite nice. The Dividends from Mined RAKE also reached a new high of 17.548 TRX


Currently, 5283TRX gets you 1 Million WIN which adds up to 16.29 TRX, good for +0.31% Dividends if they stay similar next week.


This is the first week I'm actually down on my initial investment with both TRX and WIN dropping in value. My average buy price is 82.6$ while the current price for 1Million WIN is down to around 73$. I did manage to get 8.68$ in dividends and do still see it all as a waiting game cashing in Dividends week by week letting those add up giving fair returns in the end.


21-Day Moving Average

The moving averages also clearly indicate the downtrend. There is no real info available on past dividend percentages so far all I know, they are just constantly going down as early minders drop out trying to profit from players that come in after them who have a harder to mine the sub-tokens.



It was another slightly profitable week on the Poker Tables. I did end up playing around 6 hours in total this week and mostly wait for at least 4 tables to be available to increase the number of hands and hour. Overall profit from plating was around 1000 TRX


My overall TRX bankroll is getting closer to the 20k TRX objective (I'm currently at 17264 TRX) and I slowly continue to grind toward that week by week. Once there, I plan to systematically convert profit into BTC. My mined RAKE is now at 1447 and last week saw an all-time high of 17.548 TRX dividends from it.


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