| Weekly Dividends & Poker Results Report | Weekly Dividends & Poker Results Report

By costanza | costanza | 25 May 2020

After a couple of disappointing weeks on, the Dividends seem to have gone up again with the price following. I continue to keep close track of the returns from this platform so those that are interested can better make an informed decision.




The value of the WIN token is pretty much backed up by the profit made on the website very similar to regular stocks aside from the fact that it is crypto (read way more risk of it being a scam) and the dividends being paid out daily instead of yearly. Price usually follows the dividends and when those go up or down it tends to follow. This is exactly what happened last week. I said last week that I was likely done buying WIN unless something changed. The dividends showed signs of life again after having 2 really poor weeks and were set to take a new daily record since I started tracking them. The price has not adjusted yet and I managed to buy 1M extra WIN for 74.63$ (~4950TRX)


Currently, 5502TRX gets you 1 Million WIN which adds up to 41.18 TRX Weekly Dividends good for +0.75% if they stay similar next week.




I'm back in the green after lowering my overall entry price by getting 1M more at a cheaper price. I also increased my staked Tron to 12k as part of my poker bankroll I hopefully won't have to use. Passive earnings from that gave around 21 TRX for the week. I have also set myself a goal to earn at least around 5$ on average each week in passive income. Even though it's not much, every bit counts, and having multiple of these small sources of income allows reinvesting in other things letting it compound over time.


The 21-Day moving average also started to increase and should continue this uptrend the next weeks as the lower dividend weeks get further away. A new record of 0.234$ Daily Dividends was set ever since I started tracking these.



It was clearly not my week on the Poker Tables and I was bound to have a little correction to the downside after some hot weeks. Many classic big hand vs big hand setups along with a couple of major bad beats cause quite a loss last week of over 4300 TRX. I didn't play all that much doing only 5 sessions which combined lasted less than 5 hours. I hope to do a bit better next week.


Note: I never 'gamble' on and haven't played a single DICE or LIVE game to date because they simply don't have an edge. I strictly stick to playing some poker which can be beaten is you have some skill and investing in the platform to collect dividends from losing players.


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