| Weekly Dividends & Poker Results Report #5 | Weekly Dividends & Poker Results Report #5

By costanza | costanza | 27 Apr 2020

This is my weekly report keeping close track of the Dividends is paying to WIN token holders along with my personal Poker Results.




I again added 1 Million WIN holdings this week. Not so much because I believe it's the best investment, but more because I want to grow my passive crypto earnings over time. I believe these coins that provide steady dividends based on an actual product that has real users and a revenue stream are a good way to achieve this. The price and earnings are not so much based on hype and speculation which should make it rather stable while still having upside potential.

I paid 87.83$ last Friday for 1 Million WIN and have my total up to 3 Million frozen now. I'll probably keep it there for now. The Dividends last week decreased quite a bit and I learned that they actually are directly linked to the actual profit/loss (unlike SBET were it's calculated on volume) the website earns from the gamblers. Some days, the dividends are neglectable because they only come from the Poker Rake where they can't make a loss.


Currently, 6150 TRX gets you 1 Million WIN which adds up to 38.55 TRX, good for +0.52% Dividends if they stay similar next week.


Cost averaging got my overall return down a bit but the price of TRX continues to increase which still puts me at 11.27% ROI. Around a quarter of the returns so far have come from raking in the Dividends week by week.



21-Day Moving Average


I also started to track the 21-Day Dividend Moving Average (Pink Lines) which should give a really nice view on things. Ideally, they should gradually move up. Currently, the average weekly return for 1M WIN (88$) is around 0.077$. So far the supply has remained stable but my main fear/suspicion is that more coins will be released when the platform gets more users putting pressure on both the price and Dividends keeping them where they are insead of creating a price & returns increase. This is one of the main reasons I remain very cautious. I will continue tracking everything closely week by week and see where it all goes...




Poker this week was all about dodging bullets and being extremely cautious not getting screwed over by draws that always seem to hit. It remains crazy how much gets called down and how little 3bets are being respected often seeing 4 or 5 callers pre-flop. It certainly requires an adjustment in play style.

I did get in a couple of long sessions and played a bit over 10 hours on the week ending up with 1200 TRX profit. Nothing to write home about but I do enjoy the Poker game itself on poker and see the earnings as something on top of that.


I continue to mine some RAKE and added 168 to my total amount which is now up to 1159. Dividends were a bit lower to the week before so I guess the site had less poker action altogether. Still enough action to comfortably play 3 or 4 tables at once in the evening though.


The goal is still to get my TRX Bankroll to 20000TRX and using profit above that to stack more Satoshis.



Updates on Sports Betting Blockchain Projects and more crypto-related thinks I'm into.

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