Weekly Gambling Dapp Dividend Report (BFG-SBET-WINK)

Weekly Gambling Dapp Dividend Report (BFG-SBET-WINK)

By costanza | costanza | 27 Jul 2021

I closely follow Betfury.io ; Wink.org, & Sportbet.one, & which all are part of my Crypto Gambling Dapp Dividend Portfolio. These posts provide info on the passive returns they provide along with the latest news on what's going on with these projects...



Befury.io introduced an Olympics event to give incentives for gamblers to gamble which always helps to bring extra action to the platform. I'm not gambling my money away on the site and only stick to sports bets where I believe I have an edge. Farming is also still ongoing and I compounded the 16.6$ I earned from that last week by staking ~25k BFG. The mining and staking of BFG seems to have increased in pace which will eventually put more pressure on the dividends bringing the APY down below +100% which is where it still is sitting at based on the current BFG price of around 0.026$



In total, I received 69.41$ From 125k BFG in 1 week time and am looking forward to keep collecting them for many weeks to come.


WINK News & Dividends

Wink.org no longer seems to be just a gambling site that pays dividends as they moved into oracles and now also starting to partner up to do something with NFTs. It's classic for Tron to follow the trend and get into what is popular after the initial peak and I have a really hard time estimating the WIN token these days. All I can see is that the dividends are pretty low especially with a +30% jump in price last week


The 100-day moving average is starting to move down now as the crazy pump period is leaving those numbers with the time where nothing was paid out due to the DDOS attacks in which the site was down.


The Dividends charts don't look that great and it will be interesting to see where the 100-day moving average will land now that it's starting to collapse with the major pump starting to be too far away to be included.

Sportbet.one (SBET) Dividends

The SBET token from Sportbet.one last week provided very good dividends. Since it these pretty much directly are linked to the price with all SBET in circulation being staked to receive dividends, the price followed. This remains a week-by-week thing and at anytime the Dividends can disappoint, collapse or skyrocket based on the betting action which mostly comes from a couple of bigger players.



Right now the Dividends are back well above 1% weekly indicating the price of SBET is cheap with it still having to go +300% to reach near the all-time high.




The main this missing remains adoption with only 84 users and I really want to see this getting comfortably over the 100 as the new football and NFL season starts again. Gambling in crypto isn't something like play2earn gaming where there is all of a sudden a flood of new users. The way it works instead is people who get into crypto and are also into betting slowly but surely discover these platforms that allow them to bet without much hassle. I'm quite happy with the price I managed to build a nice stack of SBET and I'm not playing the waiting game collecting dividends in the meantime.

Personal Gambling Dapp Portfolio
Another record this week collecting a total of over 180$ in dividends with my portfolio which currently includes 14M WIN / 3.25M SBET / 125k BFG/ 10k TRX / 22 LIVE | 2271 RAKE . I continue to be interested in adding other good gambling dapps that pay the losses from the gambler to those holding a token that can't be mined, so if you have one on your radar make sure to let me know...


Full Guides to Decentralized Crypto Bookies I personally use where no KYC is required allowing anonymous betting from any location without individual limits for winning players...





Sportbet.one | Wagerr.com | Wink.org | Betfury.io )

From here on out, I will be posting these reports on Tuesdays as Monday is reserved again for my personal betting results of the weekend. I will still run the numbers on Monday and post some of the individual charts on noise.cash during the 2 first days of the week.

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