Weekly Dividend Report | Record Day For WIN !

By costanza | costanza | 31 Aug 2020

In these posts, I bring weekly updates on how the dividends from both Wink.org & Sportbet.one are doing while staying up to date with all that is happening with these projects...


WINK Record Dividends

Sunday saw record dividends for WIN holders (Since I started tracking them closely) which came down to 18.66 TRX (~0.49$) for 1M WIN frozen which is worth 123.53$. If you would take these as the norm it would come down to a yearly yield of +144.78% and even more when compounding. I guess the advertisement they have been doing is working to some extent and things look quite stable for WIN. I am just holding on to my tokens getting the dividends day by day.


Looks like there was another announcement of an announcement by Justin Sun (who is invested in WIN) that involves the token and will 'hugely benefit it'


I haven't played any poker on Wink.org for a while, but looking at the dividends the RAKE I managed to collect while playing in the past are holding quite steady meaning there is quite some action going on there as well.


Overall my WIN investment is playing out quite nicely. For now, I won't buy more but I stay on the lookout for times when WIN gets undervalued in the short term.

Sportbet.one Dividends

Unlike Wink.org, there is a lot less buzz around sportbet.one and the SBET token. The Dividends have been quite stable but my main concern remains the fact that they don't seem to be able to expand their userbase while the dividends almost fully reply on a couple whales. The number of bettors had seen a steady increase over the past weeks but now saw quite a big drop from 150 to 115. It is still very early on with a total marketcap of around 2 Million and I'm happy to wait it all out. The bookie itself is one of the best options I have come across for people who want to take decentralized bets without having to make a deposit.


SBET has also been added on both Coinmarketcap and Coingeicko. This is the price evolution in USD based on my own tracking the last 35 weeks...


Overall, the dividends continue to add up week by week.

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