Week Dividends Report | SBET & WIN

By costanza | costanza | 3 Aug 2020

Another week and the Dividends on both Wink.org & Sportbet.one continue to come in slowly showing a longer-term picture of what can be expected. I continue to cover this in these weekly posts.

Dividends have been quite steady and both WIN and SBET last week had dividend payouts of over 1% based on the price the tokens are being traded at which is quite nice. Both for me showed record-high weekly payouts so far in Dollar amounts. Basically, 2 things can happen in the next coming weeks. Or the Price of the token goes up so it gets in a range of more realistic weekly dividends around 0.50%-0.70%, or the dividends will drop back down.


Wink.org Dividends +1.00%


I have enough WIN by now (10M) and I am in a good profit since I started cost-averaging in. I do continue to keep an eye out for developments as there is still a whole lot of the total supply which isn't staked and doesn't receive dividends. If one day this gets stakes, the dividends will likely get quite a hit. For now, I just continue to collect the dividends day by day and will start reinvesting them into other projects. Based on the 21-day average payouts compared to the price of WIN, 1% is currently expected for WIN on a weekly basis.




Sportbet.one Dividends +1.027%

Food numbers also this week from sportbet.one where the dividends increase by 11.3% (calculated in EOS) compared to last week. The number of individuals that took at least 1 bet also increased with 13 to 126. That is what I am currently looking at the most as most of the payouts come from some whales. I fully bought back what I sold a couple weeks ago at a slightly cheaper price which made me add some to my overall stack. So far it has not been all that difficult to make good decisions by closely watching what is going on. I will keep my eye on everything and also will be taking the EOS price into the equation. It has been relatively flat but I can see it pump one day and SBET might not be able to keep up in case that happens.



Overall, things are going great for the Dividend Gambling Tokens and I'm looking forward to how everything will evolve the coming weeks.

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