Top 10 Crypto Youtube Channels

Top 10 Crypto Youtube Channels

By costanza | costanza | 14 Jun 2020

Youtube has been a combination of entertainment and education for me when it comes down to crypto the last couple of years. I made a list of my personal favorite channels...

Note: this list is entirely subjective based on what I personally look for in Crypto content and many of them are Technical Analysis related. The market for these channels is pretty crowded and I'm sure there are plenty more good channels I'm unaware of. Please let me know your favorites in the comments below!

Factors I tend to value for the channels I actually watch are:

  • Actual Content and Information
  • Accuracy of Predictions
  • Voice & Presentation
  • Personal Preference & Relatability
  • Level of Expertise
  • Entertainment Value
  • Consistency

I made the ranking based on a combination of the ones I got most out of these past years and which I currently prioritize over others in case I could only watch a certain amount. Diversity in that regard is a big part of the list as many channels more or less do the same. Nr1 is the one I value the most at this moment.

Honorable Mentions


  • Sunny Decree (122k Subscribers)
    I like Sunny Decree but feel his channel has become way too much about him earning from it instead of him sharing his passion for crypto. I get it though, he tries to optimize things to get more views and clicks but it has put me off and it also seems like he's currently into somewhat of a crypto burn-out. He has overly 'memified' his videos as if they are aimed toward 12-year-olds and pushing it when it comes down to clickbait. He's also shilling way too many referral links which harm his credibility. A couple of months ago he bought an altcoin (BNB) making a video about it claiming how he liked Binance as a company seeing BNB as a stock while obviously the only reasons he bought it was because the extra affiliate earnings he could earn from folding BNB makes it a +EV move. it's still a good channel even though I hope he tunes some of these things down in the future.
  • Benjamin Cowen (20.9k Subscribers)
    He's different than the other Technical Analysts as he brings a more long term perspective on the markets with some unique angles.
  • Colin Talks Crypto (19.5k Subscribers)
    He's up to date with everything that involves EOS and I have set him as my proxy for EOS votes. Especially the EOS Mega Update videos are worth a watch if you want to stay updated on that blockchain.
  • Datadash (344k Subscribers)
    His channel is a good combination between entertainment and education. He pretty much lost most his credibility when it comes down to his altcoin picks after overly shilling Substratum which turned out a coin that sponsored him.
  • ...

TOP 10



I recently discovered Hashoshi after he did an interview with Altcoin Daily and I had an instant liking for him as he seems to know his stuff when it comes down to altcoins and has interesting insights. He only makes content when he has something to say and his videos are around 20-30 minutes long. Certainly a channel I will keep an eye on.


I only recently started watching the Crypto Michaël channel after randomly coming across one of his videos which sold me on pressing the subscribe button. It's all about Altcoin Technical Analysis very down to business in a rather 'boring' style which I personally don't mind. I haven't watched long enough to know for sure but if feels like he knows what he is talking about. He's also not trying to sell anything and has no referral shilling going on. Feels like an honest, 'I have a passion and make videos about it' channel.


The reason I like Ivan on Tech is because it's highly consistent and he does bring some good info at times. I'm however not a big fan of Ivan his overly pumped style of presenting talking extremely fast along with his accent which makes it rather unrelaxing to watch or listen to. I do get that you need to bring some energy if you want to attract viewers but it's at the point where it's straight out annoying. I watched a video back from a couple years back which had a way lower pace and actually like his older style way more.


Philakone is one of the better Technical Analysts out there who is making content about his TA (mostly shorter term trades). He used to be way more active with daily videos and tweets analyzing mostly on bitcoin and gained a bigger following purely on the quality of his work. He also likes to teach and a lot of educational value can be found in many of his videos. He has quite an eccentric personality though and nowadays he is mostly shilling the trading course he made. I do believe it is likely to contain some valuable insights and I'd love to get it but can't get myself to spend 190$ on it. I still watch his views on the market and predictions when he makes videos.


When it comes down to overall mindset, I very much relate to Julian Hosp who also has a youtube channel with way more subscribers in german language. He's got some really good insights, always looking at things from a rational angle often going against what everyone else is saying. I remember him making a call that Bitcoin would drop all the way down to 5k around the start of the bear market when everyone was still rather bullish. Certainly, a good channel for insights and educations as he knows how to explain things in an easy to understand way. I also value the rare predictions he makes.


I've been watching Cryptobud ever since 2017 and he has been very solid in fundamental analysis picking projects that end up really crushing it. He made a couple of 'all in' calls (for the shorter term) like NEO | Ontology | Bitcoin | Tezos which all ended out spot on not so long after he made his call. He does take profit and goes in and out of these projects. He also has got a good grip on regular financial markets and was one of the few who called the fact that the stock market would keep on rising after the corona crash. Nowadays he's mostly selling his research on Patreon and his youtube channel merely became a way to sell that having delayed content. It's still worth taking notes in case he makes another rare "all in call'


The Node Investor Channel is one of the first I came across that provided technical analysis back in 2017 and what he brings is actually quite solid. Also important to note is that he pretty much called the top of the 2017 bull market (See Did The Bitcoin Bubble Burst?). He is probably the person I learned most about when it comes down to TA and a lot of what I summarized in the series of posts around Learning Technical Analysis (All can be found Here). Node Investor is certainly someone to take notes from and it remains one of the youtube channels I value the most.


Altcoin Daily mostly brings (positive) news about crypto and its adoption in a very entertaining enjoyable to watch way. I like the fact that their videos include many clips or tweets and the voices are also very pleasant to listen to. Videos are published daily and they all have a duration around 10 minutes. They are also not selling you anything or shilling referral links. Solid Channel!


Carl from The Moon is basically a much better version of Sunny Decree. His Technical Analysis is solid and also has a lot of educational value. Fundamental Indicators along with general news are also included and everything is presented in a fun way without going too far in that aspect. He's not trying to sell anything but does shill quite some affiliate links as compensation and in my view just spends a bit too much time on the topic of youtube and getting the likes. Overall, a great channel for Solid Analysis and News.


The Bitcoin Technical Analysis Channel of Kevin Svenson is slowly but surely growing because the content is just Solid. He has been making some great calls predicting the top when Bitcoin was around 14k in 2019 and he also was bullish all the way after bitcoin saw the COVID-19 drop to 3800$ where everyone else pretty much feared another big drop down. He only makes videos when he actually has something to talk about and I really like his general approach toward trading, not overcomplicating things. If I got to choose 1 channel to watch for the next year, Kevin Svenson would likely be my pick!

That's it, again these are my personal favorites and I'm sure there are many more great channels I'm not even aware of. Please let me know your favorites or which one you would pick if you could only choose 1 to watch in the comments below!



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