Splinterlands YouTube Channels Update!

By costanza | costanza | 29 Jul 2023

I love Splinterlands, Youtube, and blogging. So I'm keeping updated on the existing and new Splinterlands-centered channels. It's been 6 months since the last update (Link) so time to have a look how all the channels are doing and if any new ones popped up.


First of I would like to give some props to @aftersound for stepping up his youtube Splinterlands content during the bear market. It's the only real channel I still watch and enjoy as I like the shorter 7-10 minute videos which help me to keep up with what's going on in Splinterlands. Thanks and Keep it Up!

Since 'play2earn' right now and the crypto markets in general by the public are seen as dead, many content creators stopped uploading and some channels even went offline and many also lost subscribers this past half year. The good thing is that many also keep going an growing which for sure will yield the benefits once the full swing again.


Newly Discovered Splinterlands Youtube Channels



1. nfoGuides



The nfoGuides Channel is from the creator of Barronstoolbox and shared long Splinterlands topic-related videos each with a nice custom thumbnail. If you like long form videos, make sure to check this one!


2. Games World


The Games World Channels shares Splinterlands TV live stream videos along with some shorts. Nothing groundbreaking but yet another channel with Splinterlands content which is always nice!


3. Wesquin703




4. LevelUpLife




LevelUpLife got a shoutout from Aftersound in a recent video so I'm also adding his channel in this list even though there has only been 1 video in the last 3 months.





It's amazing to see the passion many people have for the game while creating content. Some channels continue to lose some subscribers and stopped making content while others are growing or are just getting started. I'm looking forward to the new ones I will discover the coming months so feel free to give a shout in the comments if there are others that should be in the list!


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