Splinterlands | The Need For Collection Power Requirements !

By costanza | costanza | 20 Apr 2024

Splinterlands right now is facing some difficult times as card prices continue to drop week after week while SPS isn't holding up to be a proper reward token and there is crazy ratings inflation in Wild. Bringing back Collection Power Requirements could be the key to fix this...



Why Collection Power Requirements Were Introduced ?

Basically the exact problems that Splinterlands is facing right now were the main reasons in the past to introduce Collection Power Requirements. It was way too easy to with little investment in the game climb up to Champions League which punished everyone who actually was invested in cards. I used to reach Champions League with a Level 3 Rare Summoner Silver Deck.


This is what was said about it in the original Announcement post...


To prevent this, a system was introduced that is was only possible to move up to a higher league for accounts that had a certain amount of collection Power either rented or owned.



I would say this change, especially at the start was quite successful as players and bots actually needed the cards which helped their values to hold and the rental market to be very active. It also made sense, if you want to earn, you need to be invested in cards as a way to prevent accounts that only have the intention to extract value to do so.


Why Collection Power Requirements Were Removed ?

I would say there are 2 reasons why they were removed/replaced by another system


  • Reward Card Overprinting Made it Cheap to Reach the Requirements.. Since there was a crazy printing of reward cards creating a huge oversupply (which is still there) it became easier and easier especially for bots to just rent the cheapest cards and reach the needed Collection Power Requirements that way.

  • SPS Needed More Use Case. Since SPS is the main way to reward players, it needed more use cases to have value so a replacement was made from needing to own cards to needing to own or rent staked SPS as a reward multiplier based on that would be given.

This is what was said about it in the original Announcement post on July ...



This basically means that no cards need to be owned and just by playing with a minimum collection of cards and even just soulbound reward cards, it's now possible to reach diamond or higher playing manually or running a bot in wild. Since SPS is so cheap it's also very easy to rent it and get a nice bonus. So the big problem that it's more interesting not to be invested in the game and extract value is fully back and worse as the cards values of older cards continue to fall off a cliff week after week after week.



Why Collection Power Requirements Need To Come Back !

I would argue that they need to come back only in Wild as most of the value extraction is going on there from bot armies. It just doesn't make any sense at all for anyone to actually own, rent or buy cards at the moment which is the reason why they continue to go down in value during the bull run.


Right now buying Rebellion Packs is just a sure way to get crushed wich is one of the reasons why they are not selling. Why would anyone buy them knowing that the cards will only temporary hold their value while its only possible to earn a small part of the value back before they get dumped into wild where they become totally worthless. It's just a completely broken model that makes no sense at all.

I'm not sure how exactly it should be done, but I guess making cards along with SPS part of the multiplier in order to actually earn from the game while Soulbound Reward cards don't count toward collection power could be a good start. Having a big burn event where a similar type cards needs to be burned (+
x DEC burn value) in order to unlock Soulbound reward cards at the same time could also revamp the card and rental market again.


This 'problem' is also highlighted by @aftersound in his latest Youtube video stating how it's just better to rent out all your cards in Wild and just let a bot run with a bunch of Soulbound reward cards which in total will earn you a lot more.



The neverending devaluation of cards in Splinterlands is a massive problem which is making many players rightfully so leave the ecosystem causing even more harm while it's never really addressed. Forcing players to actually own cards again if they want to earn in Wild in a similar way it has been done in the past could at least partially solve this issue and make in-game assets more valuable again. This would give players confidence to actually buy packs and get things rolling again. The way things are right now are just a complete disgrace to anyone who put time and money in the game these past years and pushing me closer to the point of leaving Splinterlands and moving on...

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