Splinterlands | Going The Distance Battle Challenge

By costanza | costanza | 9 Jul 2023

Another pretty basic Rule Set is highlighted this week for the Share Your Battle Challenge which now also is called 'Battle Mage Secrest" in Splinterlands. This is the Healed Out Game Rule.




This is another game rule which just offers a small tweak as there is no healing so using any summoner or Monster that has healing is a waste of resources. The thing that still works offering some defense is Armor repair so if for sure is an option to play the Legendary Rathe Summoner along with some monsters that have the repair ability.



I pretty much played one of the decks I love and play a lot with the Legendary Possibilus The Wise Water Summoner and a Front Row with The Kraken and Arkemis The Bear as a double tank Setup. This was followed up with 2 monsters that have the Opportunity Ability in the Runi & also the Deeplurker. I also as usually in Water Decks played The Ruler Of The Seas which remains one of the more powerful monsters in the game and it helps to counter magic dagame. In the last place with 1 Mana last I played the Albatross as by the time I got there I actually forgot about the no-healing-allowed rule otherwise I would have played the Creeping Ooze to give a small extra speed edge.




My opponent played a full Magic team which I countered with the Ruler Of The Seas and the Arkemis The Bear as the other game rules were Random Damage and Magic not bypassing Armor. All this made it an easy win with a 98% chance according to Splintertools.

Full Battle Replay


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