Sirwin | Low Entry Cost & High Returns !!

By costanza | costanza | 19 Jan 2024

I am highly enjoying and now also included Rare cards for this 2nd Season that I'm playing. Each Wednesday I'm making an update post on what's going on in the ecosystem and how I'm doing personally.


No line-ups to submit during the Winter Break now so I'm writing about the current low entry cost and high returns for new players now in Sorare along with the risks that come with this...


Crashing Card Prices & Sustained Threshold Rewards


The reason why right now there is a low entry cost is because card prices have been on a constant decline since inflation is high both from auctions done by Sorare to make a revenue and from rewards cards that are given out to players which are being dumped. All this while the demand simply isn't there (yet).

The Reason Why there is a very high ROI is that the 5$-50$-200$ fixed prizes in the cap240 tournaments remain in place while it feels easier than ever to reach the 280 point threshold. This makes rewards very high compared to the cost which is needed to start playing.




The Limited Cap240 League pays out 5$ for each week you reach 280 points with 4 players that combined use 240 points based on their last 15-game average scores. This is an example line-up that can be made in Belgium that has a fair chance of winning this 5$ at least 60% of the weeks.




This example line-up combined costs just 20€ and includes all players who are sure of their starting place with a striker of a top team. this is put together quickly and you could get the entry price down a lot more potentially with possibly even a better squad. Reaching the threshold just 4 times already would have earned your invested money back.

For the rare Cap240 which pays 50$ in ETH Rewards this could be a potential line-up. Obviously you would do a lot better with double the budget which likely would be worth it but still with enough luck it still would be possible to get the 50$.


This would cost just 229€ including a goalkeeper that should have at least 18 matches left before potentially relegating. so 18 chances to win 50$ to get back the initial investment.


Sustainability Issues and Fix

Obviously, this is no longer a sustainable business model for Sorare and either prices of cards have to go way up (so the auctions bring in enough money to keep paying the thresholds) or other measures will have to be taken. Scrapping the Threshold probably is not an option but they should put it higher at least making it harder to reach it.


So the opportunity right now of getting in is that it's easier than ever to get your investment back but the risk is that they fundamentally change the rewards making card prices go down further. Next week I plan to write more about potential ways to make the entire ecosystem pump or at least make it all more sustainable.


Rare Cap 240 Team:

I got some good news last week as the anticipated transfer of Goalkeeper Ortwin De Wolf happened not to a 1st division team but to the leader in 2nd division. So he's currently in pole position to be a starter in a covered league in the 2024-2025 season. The price went to 90€ while I only paid 38€ a while back. I will update the prices next week



2023-2023 Rare Cap 240 Results




Season 2023-2024 Owned Limited Cards & Values


Tracking all my limited cards here has become way too time-intensive so I'll be using stats from sorarebase. It looks like there is a delay as there is now 0.045 ETH in my account.




I'm still having a ton of fun with Sorare and the season still has a long way to go. I'm really looking forward to another weekend to come. If any football fan is looking to join the journey, feel free to sign up with my link to receive a free limited card when building your first team!

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