Passive Crypto Earnings September 2020 (Lending/Dividends/Staking)

Passive Crypto Earnings September 2020 (Lending/Dividends/Staking)

By costanza | costanza | 8 Oct 2020

I continue to make these monthly reports on my Lending, staking, Dividends passive earnings as I honestly have no clue where they are at if it wasn't up for these posts.


I will only cover mostly passive earnings in these posts not including earnings that take more effort like blogging, Gaming, Sports Betting & Poker or Affiliates on platforms like Hive | Publish0x | Scorum | Steemit | Uptrennd | Splinterlands | Nitrogensports | ...

I started to add some new sources of potential passive crypto income (Nexo | Band Protocol Staking | LEO Miners | SUN Mining ) and I plan to continue growing my overall monthly passive income. Most coin prices went down considerably, but I still managed to top last month with a small overall earnings increase. For those wondering how much is needed to get the earnings that I'm getting, all percentages can be found so it's fairly easy to calculate!

Crypto Lending Earnings

Last month, I finally started using aside the 3 other big Lending platforms (BlockFi | | in furter decrease my risk. I did move a lot of assets from to Celsius to allow myself to get the best rates.

1. BlockFi


BlockFi continues to probably be the easiest way to get some passive returns as their website is very clean and straightforward similar to Coinbase. The rates they give are also excellent (6% on BTC | 5.25% on ETH | 5% on LTC) and I only have good words to say about them so far. I also managed to pick up an affiliate last month which adds a bit to my earnings.

BlockFi is also giving a 10$ worth in BTC to everyone that signs up and deposits at least 100$ in Crypto on their interest account when they sign up with a Referral link. Feel free to use mine or the one from a friend that already has a BlockFi account.

BlockFi Passive Earnings
0.03666180 ETH (12.34$)
0.0049661 BTC (52.61$)
0.08415030 LTC (3.86$)


2. Earn

crypto.jpg reduced some of their rates so I moved a lot of my funds from them to other platforms. They still give a solid 8% on ICX which is the only coin I still have staked with them. I also continue to use my Visa card earning a 2% cashback in CRO on every purchase. switched to CRO staking to get benefits from the card and it has actually become quite a bit cheaper to get the benefits. They are still offering a nice sign-up deal for everyone that gets on using a referral link (code: e7xe283zea) giving a free 50$ worth in CRO. Passive Earnings
0.3278 LINK (2.83$)
0.197 EOS (0.51$)
18.672 ICX (6.90$)
47.3892 CRO (6.95$)



My holding on drastically increased as I now have my LINK (4.51% apy), EOS (4.45%), 0x (4.51%), & Dash (5.50%) on there. is still offering a sign-up bonus up to 20$ in BTC for everyone that signs up with a Referral link depositing 200$ or more keeping it in place for at least 30 days. Passive Earnings
10.57462 LINK (91.36$
3.3909 EOS (8.71$)
4.62965 ZRX (1.61$)
0.00838 DASH (0.0.55$)



So I also started using this month both as a way to diversify and potentially get better rates on certain coins. The only one I have in there at the moment is EOS on which they pay 4% APY with payouts that are done each day. For now, that's all I will be using it for. Maybe in the future when they add more coins or give the best rate on something I might add more. Passive Earnings
1.00786 EOS (2.59$)

Crypto Dividend Earnings

These are dividends paid from projects that have actual revenue and share it with tokenholders.


1. (WIN)

wink.jpg continues to generate daily dividends. After selling some of my WIN holdings last month when the price pumped, I now started to buy them back and am at 13.75M at the moment which I just plan on hodling from now on out. (unless there is another crazy pump). For more details on these dividends, see my last SBET & WIN Dividend Report Post. I also started playing some poker again and managed to mine around 2250 RAKE. Passive Earnings
WIN 975.91 TRX (25.08$)
RAKE 43.96 TRX (1.13$)

2. (SBET)


I have remained my ~500k SBET in place and just continue to collect the weekly dividends right now which is also the plan moving forward. I like the product they are offering and use myself as a bookmaker to place bets at times. It however remains quite a high risk and there is no guarantee that they will be able to grow. Right now they highly rely on a couple of whales that keep the dividends in place. With a 1.5 Million Marketcap there still is major upside potential which is what I kind of betting on with this project. Passive Earnings
16.2475 EOS (42.41$)
1949.96 SBET (7.65$)
0.08532 mBTC (0.92$)

Crypto Staking Earnings




I had to wait for a moment when ETH Gas fees were low to release and lock up a big part of my PRPS holdings. This continues to be one of my sleeper coins that continues to slowly go up in value while giving instant rewards when locking them up (4% yearly). The Clash Of Streamers game is set to release before the end of this year and my plan is to hold on to my PRPS and even increasing my bags if possible. I locked up 2300 PRPS for 6 months and got 46 DUBI for it (currently worth 2.97$ each. I do plan to make a full post on this project once the game is about to go live.

PRPS/DUBI Passive Earnings
46 DUBI (136.62$)



I'm still holding 100 NEO on my Ledger and the GAS rewards seem to be going down. I just claimed my gas now 8 days into the new month.

NEO GAS Passive Earnings
0.873206 GAS (1.26$)

3. Tron (TRX)


The rewards for voting on Tron Super Representatives went up because a lot of TRX flowed into DeFi that is happening on Tron (Sun Mining / Justswap Liquidity Pools). It kept my stake it place (~10-12k TRX) and also tried of the SUN mining (up to 5k TRX) which turned out to be quite profitable. I have taken all my TRX back out of the Mining pool by now.

TRON Passive Earnings
98.651 TRX (2.54$)
1.154065 SUN (16.60$)

4. Algorand (ALGO) Staking Rewards


I continue to hold around 1000 Algorand sitting in my Binance account which automatically collects passive returns each month. Earning Staking Rewards on Binance is as simple as having Coins in your wallet there. They are providing passive returns for a lot of different coins (TOMO | ARK | EOS | ARPA | LIST | THETA | LOOM | KAVA | TEZOS | ATOM | TRON | ALOG | ONE | FET | STRAT | QTUM | KMD | VET | ONT | NEO | TROY | ERD | XLM). Signing up with my Referral Link will also give you a 0.10% cashback on all your trading fees.

Algorand (ALGO) Passive Earnings
3.9039 ALGO (1.21$)

5. Band Protocol Staking Rewards


I added BAND to my list of holdings. I probably bought it at the worst possible time as the price saw a big decline ever since. I do plan on cost averaging myself in a bit more. From what I understand, part of the coins that are not yet in circulation goes to stakers which currently is at 15%-17% and will decline over time. I installed the Atomic Wallet to stake and the process was really easy with little to no fees involved.

Band Protocol (BAND) Passive Earnings
1.0455 BAND (5.85$)

6. LEO Miner Rewards


I wrote a post a while back taking a closer look at Leo Miners and I started getting some of them. Unfortunately, they sold out way quicker than I anticipated and I only managed to buy 170 of them. The price after they sold out went from 2 Hive to 6+ Hive now so x3. I paid 54.25$ for mine and received 7.42 LEO (1.79$) in the first 2 weeks.

LEO Miner Passive Earnings
7.42 LEO (1.79$)

Please let me know in the comments what your personal favorite ways are to earn passive earnings and feel free to include your Affiliate link!




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