Passive Crypto Earnings November 2020 (Lending/Dividends/Staking)

By costanza | costanza | 17 Dec 2020

I continue to make these monthly reports on my Lending, staking, Dividends passive crypto earnings to help me keep track of it while giving myself some motivation to continue building while it also might give some good info to those who are also looking to get some passive earnings from their crypto holdings...

I will only cover mostly passive earnings in these posts not including earnings that take more effort like blogging, Gaming, Sports Betting & Poker or Affiliates on platforms like Hive |Publish0x | Scorum | Steemit | Uptrennd | Splinterlands | Nitrogensports | ...

How much exactly is needed to get to these numbers can perfectly be calculated along with the risk it involves, so do your own research on that if you intend to get in on any of the ones that I am using to get passive returns!

I have been wanting to switch some funds around diversifying my ways to earn passive returns but I have been put off by transaction fees and am kind of waiting for the right moment (read another LINK Pump). So last month I mostly stuck to everything I have, keeping it in place adding a bit here and there while letting everything compound. I have set my goal at earning 1000$ a month with this and aim to continue making these monthly posts at least until I reach that point.

Crypto Lending Earnings

I'm still using the 4 big Crypto Lending platforms ( | BlockFi | | as a way to both get the best rates and also spread the risk.


1. BlockFi


BlockFi is still the easyest and cleanest platform to get a return on my crypto earnings. The rates remain also excellent (6% on BTC | 5.25% on ETH | 5% on LTC) and payouts are done once a month very consistently. I'm still looking to increase my holdings a bit there.

BlockFi is also giving a 10$ worth in BTC to everyone that signs up and deposits at least 100$ in Crypto on their interest account when they sign up with a Referral link. Feel free to use mine or the one from a friend that already has a BlockFi account.

BlockFi Passive Earnings
0.00422185 BTC (95.37$)
0.0848376 ETH (56.03$)
0.0765969 LTC (7.81$)


2. Earn / Cashback


Right now I mainly use for their Visa Debit card which makes me earn 2% on all my purchases paid out in CRO which has been awesome. There has been quite some drama around as they put up a list of purchases that will no longer get the cashback rewards to make it sustainable and avoid abuse. I honestly don't care about any of these as I mostly just use the card for my grocery shopping which has been working just fine. I still have some ICX sitting in there which I will move to my Atomic Wallet directly staking it bringing a lot more return compared to the 2% (previously 8%) which gets paid by earn. I still have 17 days left on the last locking period and will do it all at once when it is completed.

They are still offering a nice sign-up deal for everyone that gets on using a referral link (code: e7xe283zea) giving a free 25$ worth in CRO when meeting certain requirements. Passive Earnings
18.6127 ICX (7.85$)
72.58 CRO (4.92$)


celsius.jpg has been the king of the lending platforms for me as they offer so many different altcoins with excellent returns and look to be quite trustful (you never know though). I have been wanting to more parr of my LINK holdings over to Nexus (which pays 5% compared to 4.51%) but haven't gotten around it yet as I still don't like to move things all too much. I am also looking to get some of the DeFi coins they offer great returns on as longer-term holdings. (Synthetix 16.16% | Uma 7.01% | Uniswap 4.01% | Compound 7.50% | Matic 16.16%) but I still have to look deeper into them. I also got some referral eanings in BTC last month which is always nice. is still offering a sign-up bonus up to 20$ in BTC for everyone that signs up with a Referral link depositing 200$ or more keeping it in place for at least 30 days. Passive Earnings
12.09013 LINK (169.50$)
3.4166 EOS (10.69$)
6.1889 ZRX (2.56$)
0.00846 DASH (0.90$)
0.00367 BTC (83.01$) Affiliate



So far, I only had a little bit on EOS on mostly to test it out. They do daily payouts making it so that everything compounds but from what it looks like, a lot of days, no payout was done in the month of November (in December so far, everything works properly). I just contacted customer support to ask if there is anything that I am overlooking and will get back on how it played out in the report next month.

image.png Passive Earnings
0.875 EOS (2.74$)

Crypto Dividend Earnings

These are dividends paid from projects that have actual revenue and share it with tokenholders.


1. (WIN)


The Dividends from saw something of a peak in October but have fallen down again as less whales (which most of the dividends come from) were less active I guess. I do continue to slowly cost-average but some more WIN as I do like the relative stability it brings in passive earnings. I increased my 15M WIN holding by 1 Million to 16M WIN in November. Passive Earnings
WIN1260.76 TRX (39.95$)
RAKE 54.2 TRX (1.72$)


2. (SBET)


SBET Dividends remain a reliable source of passive income with both the potential to increase once Joe Public gets back into crypto or fall completely flat if no further adoption would happen or if would get cracked down by regulation. It's all in the risk/reward and I'm quite pleased having a small part of my crypto portfolio in this project. Passive Earnings
16.9131 EOS (52.60$)
88.01 SBET (0.31$)
0.09321 mBTC (2.11$)
0.0102 USDT (0.01$)


Crypto Staking Earnings

From what I understand, staking is all about locking up coins getting rewards for it that most of the time comes from inflation.




So far, I'm still holding on to the 100 NEO I have on my ledger which procured 1.12859 GAS since my last report. Neo remains high on my list of coins to potentially sell for something else though.

NEO GAS Passive Earnings
1.836 GAS (1.81$)

2. Tron (TRX)


I still have what I consider as my spare poker bankroll (12k TRX) frozen using it to vote on Super Representatives which brings in some passive TRX each month. Even though I haven't played any poker lately, I just keep it there for now.

TRON Passive Earnings
73.057 TRX (2.31$)

3. Algorand (ALGO) Staking Rewards


Where previously, just holding ALGO in your Binance account automatically brought returns, I now had to lock it which game a lot more yield. To be honest the entire staking/staving/locking/... on Binance is quite a mess as there are so many different options. They do provide passive returns for a lot of different coins (TOMO | ARK | EOS | ARPA | LIST | THETA | LOOM | KAVA | TEZOS | ATOM | TRON | ALGO | ONE | FET | STRAT | QTUM | KMD | VET | ONT | NEO | TROY | ERD | XLM). Signing up with my Referral Link will also give you a 0.10% cashback on all your trading fees.

Algorand (ALGO) Passive Earnings
9.1277 ALGO (3.10$)


4. Band Protocol Staking Rewards


I bought some more BAND on the dip going from 190 to 250 (which is likely where I will keep it at) collecting the staking rewards which are quite high since they come from coins that are not yet in circulation. The entire procedure on Atomic Walles is really easy without ridiculous transaction fees. It's also possible to earn some free BAND now on Coinbase Earn (See Below)

Band Protocol (BAND) Passive Earnings
2.658276 BAND (18.50$)

5. LEO Miner Rewards


I have done a great move (so far) buying the LEOM (See taking a closer look at Leo Miners) as I paid ~55$ for the 170 I own which now go for ~262$. They managed to mine 16.96 LEO in November which equals ~4.51$ good for 100% APY on the original investment and around 21% based on the current LEO Price. For more on the Leofinance blogging platform, check

LEO Miner Passive Earnings
16.96 LEO (4.51$)

6. SPT Delegation


I looked into the SPT which is the native token of the platform a while back (See A Closer Look Into (SPT) and continue to increase my holdings on a daily basis for as long as the price for 1 SPT is 0.0002$ or lower. All the SPT I bought on the market or earned from blogging, I instantly delegate to @monster-curator who pay out 100% of the curation rewards daily. By now I reached over 500k SPT with the price going up and down quickly because there is very little volume as it still needs to be integrated into the Splinterlands Game. Delegating my SPT brought in an extra 12481.318 SPT in last month

SPT Delegation Passive Earnings
12481.3181 SPT (2.62$)

Coinbase Earn

Some more tokens were added to Coinbase Earn so I took 5 minutes to watch some videos and answer some easy questions. Many of the coins that can be earned from Coinbase Earn are also rewarded when others claim them with your link. So anyone who doesn't have a coinbase account yet or claimed the free coins that are there just to take, feel free to do so using my links on BAND | COMP | XLM which are the ones I haven't maxed out yet. It won't get you more but it will help me toward reaching my goals. Thanks!

Coinbase Earn in November added up to 22.0993 ALGO (7.5$) | 3.59259965 CELO (6.04$) | 3.9651 EOS (12.37$) | 49.6031 OXT (13.16$) which is a whopping 39.07$ of basically free money!





Coinbase Earn Passive Earnings
22.0993 ALGO (7.50$)
3.59259965 CELO (6.04$)
3.9651 EOS (12.37$)
49.6031 OXT (13.16$)

Please let me know in the comments what your personal favorite ways are to earn passive earnings and feel free to include your Affiliate link!

A summary of the Month of November



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