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Mobile MiniGames: Play & Earn | How To Earn In 2023 (Complete Guide)

By costanza | costanza | 10 Jan 2023

There have been a lot of updates in the Mobile Blockchain NFT Play2Earn Game Mobile MiniGames so I made an Updated Guide on how exactly to earn in this game...


The Truth About Play2Earn Gaming!

When it comes down to earning money from Play2Earn Games, not everyone can be a winner as the money need to come from somewhere. The way it pretty much always works is that most of the time it's possible to get smaller earnings with little to no investment. Those that want to earn a lot more will need to invest. It takes time to fully recover the investment including the value of the assets to get to a point where you actually start earning. This also heavily depends on how smart you play and how many new players come in after you. During the life cycle of a successful game, there might be boom and bust adoption cycles as usually everyone gets in or out all at once based on how well things (Rewards) are going at that time along with the overall market.

This being said, it is possible to do extremely well with these games if you pick the right ones (98%+ of all the crypto-games are pure garbage and will never go anywhere), get in early, or during the bust cycles while getting out before it peaks, or during the boom cycles. A longer-term mindset is also needed which only really works if you enjoy the actual game.

So far for me, there have been just 3 Play2Earn Games that check all the boxes!

  • Splinterlands as I enjoy Card Games like Hearthstone. I've been playing since October 2018 and am well inside the green even if all my in-game assets (20000$+)would be worthless tomorrow. I believe we are now in the first real bust cycle with another boom adoption cycle coming which is where I will take more profit. Lots of new things are still coming and the game remains exciting!
  • Sorare which is a Football Fantasy Game where you own your players and can win real prizes based on the performance in their games. I play this mostly for fun not expecting more than some profit eventually out of it. For those that watch Football, NBA, or MLB I can recommend it as it gives an extra dimension when watching matches. There is also very little time investment needed.
  • Mobile MiniGames which is my Dark Horse as I see good potential for this becoming a Mainstream Mobile Game suited for the masses that want an addictive experience while it yet needs to have its first real Adoption Cycle. While there is no guarantee that it will make it, the payout from grinding and accumulating now during the bear market will most likely be big if it does. I'm also still having fun with it and it doesn't take more than 5-10 minutes daily to play.


Mobile MiniGames Basic Tokenomics!

So the main in-game currency is Crypton which can be earned in various ways by playing the game (see below). This Crypton can be exported out of the game onto the Polygon blockchain at a rate of 10000 Crypton = 1 PRPS (or 1000 Crypton = 1$ worth of PRPS at the current max 10$ value).


PRPS can be used to buy deals in the game at a current value of 13$ on the online shop. This value is supposed to go up over time if demand grows but will never be lower. The PRPS & DUBI used to buy deals also gets burned forever.

PRPS can also be locked which instantly mints 4% of DUBI which is supposed to have a buy-wall of 1 DUBI = 10$ which is currently disabled due to lack of funds (See Why The Economy Collapsed) but it can be used at a value of 26$ in the online shop and it also can be bought or sold on the market.

These are the Token Contracts

PRPS (Polygon): 0x972999c58BbcE63a2e398d4ED3Bde414b8349eB3
DUBI (Polygon): 0x950e1561B7A7dEB1A32A6419FD435410daf851B0

The way Crypton gets in circulation in the game is that it comes directly from players buying deals so it's not just created out of thin air like is the case for most other play2earn games. This in theory should make it more long-term sustainable but also makes it so that there are no crazy short-term returns.


Ways To Earn in Mobile MiniGames!

There are many different ways to earn in the game and I will break down each one as detailed as I can. Some require no investment whatsoever, some require just a tiny investment, while others require a much bigger time and money investment. The game itself is fully Free2Play and downloading is as easy as scanning this QR Code on your Phone which will get you started in my Community.




1) 30-Day Crypton Wheel

As a way to boost the 30-day retention and also give new players an incentive to verify their account by doing the important initial microtransaction, the 30-day Crypton Wheel was added to the game. This only for the first 30 days and gives a daily wheel to spin where players can earn some Crypton that unlocks after day 30.


Having a verified account (which is a measure to counter alt accounts that try to extract value from the ecosystem) will give 5x the value of the wheel. Verifying your account I believe is as easy as buying a 0.49$ or 0.99$ deal in the game. The maximum amount that can be won in total over the 30 days is 1 Million Crypton (1300$ in-game purchase value). The average of a verified account however will be more around 1500-5000 Crypton. After 29 days now I'm at 2195 Crypton earned myself but there have been cases who earned 400k+ so it's certainly possible.



2) Selling Pets Skins in Auction House

Each day, players are able to get a total of 100 Pets from the game. These pets can be combined to level them up giving extra passive and active abilities both in the game and to make the heroes you play with stronger. The pets that are destroyed when combined turn into Pet skins that can be sold in the auction house. Pets come in different rarities (Rare / Epic / Legendary) and there are also Colored and Shiny Pets. Each collected Colored and Shiny pet unlocks an achievement that progresses your account a lot and they also increase your luck on the rarity of pets that you will hatch. This gives a strong incentive for players to collect and buy them.


As a new player you will have low luck on the pets you get which makes it hard to really earn a lot from them at the start, over time though as both your luck and the amount of colored pets you get grows, you can easily start selling duplicate pets for Crypton as a way to earn from the game. I am personally at around +943% Luck but there are players now with over +10000% Luck!



Similar to Pets, you can also get 50 Blocks each day that can be used to build on crypto land which can be sold even though I don't know if there are many buyers right now. There also will be a function where pets can be burned in order to reduce or fully pay for NFT export costs. For more info on Pets check my Complete Pets Guide



3) Selling Streamer Skins in Auction House

Players can add their own streamer skins into the game and set requirements for other players on how to get them on the G4G Dashboard. This at a minimum is giving a follow on Twitch or YouTube (which as someone that doesn't stream got me up to 821 followers on Twitch!). They can also be given as a prize in community challenges. I right now have it set at follow but from next season forward I will only be giving them away in community challenges.


Similar to Pet skins, Streamer skins also unlock achievements giving great progress while they provide a big benefit as they give a bonus % when equipped on your heroes. This is done based on Skin Points. The more skins of streamers you own, the higher your skin point level and the bigger the bonus M of Attack, Health, or Armor all these skins will have for you. Not only do Legendary and Epic skin give more skin points, but the account level of the player who the skins are from also matters.


This makes the skins of players with higher account level much more valuable on the market. The skin points also scale so if you have a ton of skins from lower-level players who over time level their account they will provide more skin points and a bigger bonus % giving you an edge in the game by making your team much stronger.


I am buying back my own skins to make sure they always have some value as I will be giving them away more through community challenges. This is a list of Twitch accounts that when followed give you Free Skins (Link ) that you either can use to boost your bonus % or that you can sell for some crypton in the Auction House. If you are a streamer or content creator, you can also monetize your own skins!



4) Community Challenges

The way communities work in Mobile MiniGames is that anyone is free to join a community and the community leaders (who get 10% of the progress from players spending in their community) need to make it interesting for players to be in their community. One of the ways is to do this is to offer community challenges that allow players who are in the community to earn some Crypton.


The way I do this in my own community is to allow members to systematically earn smaller amounts of Crypton with very low requirements to enter which adds up to them over time and incentivizes daily logins. I do this in the form of daily raffles which right no have few entrants making it very +EV (positive expected value) for them. I offer a challenge giving 20 Crypton extra to those buying a cheap daily deal which by default I believe has 50 Crypton in it.


Every Friday mornig after the weekly reset, I also put challenges online to log in to do the daily quest 6 out of 7 days, climb 1 pretige, Do the Killing Blow on the streamer boss, Export 1 streamer to the blockchain giving 2% Discount, buy the exclusive skin that week, weekly raffle, ...


This gives almost a daily bit of Crypton revenue stream mostly to players that are at least VIP Level 1 or 2 (which is easy to get) just to cut out those that only aim to extract value from the community. I also do challenges for bigger and more loyal players who do not hop communities all the time and occasionally buy deals myself after briefly joining members of their community in return so they get some progress that way.

In order to directly get in my community either download the game with the QR code or use this link. You can also search me in the community building in the game and join there by pressing the person with a + icon next to it.



5) Crypton Crystal Mine Passive Daily Generation

The Crypton Crystal Mine was added recently and I would say it is mostly a way for Community Leaders to attract more Community Members. The concept is that you burn Crypton (or PRPS/DUBI of equal value) into it which afterward indefinitely generates ~0.1% of that Daily with a slider where you can choose how much you get for yourself and how much goes to the other community members.


So after around 3 years, you earned the amount back and you will start making a real yield on it. I so far have burned 2.5 Million Crypton into my Crypton Crystal and have it set that 25% of the Daily Crypton Generation goes to my community members with the requirements that they need to be at least part of the community for 1 day (to avoid community hopping), log in that day, have spent at least 25 sale point and contributed 10 VIP EXP streamer Bonus on the month.


These requirements are really easy to get with the Golden Boost which is the best deal in the game. You right now can buy 12 of those for each month of the year for 13.8$ in total. At the start of each month you use it to get the golden boost and the 25 sale points from the previous month you use on a free 100$ deal.

My aim is to get the Mine to level 6 adding another 2.5 Million Crypton if the PRPS price would go lower to 1$ or less in case the bear market continues. Right now I believe 7 players in my community qualify for the Crypton mine and they each should get close to 100 Passive Crypton Daily. You can browse different communities to see how much you would get from the crystal mine.


Mine currently is ranked 2nd highest in the game (not counting the value from the community challenges) after Smusheys. These things eventually even out as what players get goes down the more members are getting their part. It is also just a great tool for anyone who wants to start their own community in the game. If you are in your own community, put it at 95% and have crazy requirements, you can generate 100% for yourself but you will miss out on the community advantages.

6) Passive Crypton Generation From Spellbook

When you merge 5 heroes or pets to give them more stars, 4 of them are destroyed which gives you both streamer dust and ability sets. The duplicate ability sets will count toward Passive Crypton Generation from the Spellbook and from what I understand, this can be increased up to +10000% generation power for each by buying extra duplicate ability sets. By Default, this will cost 200k Crypton in total (this can be lowered quite a bit by setting the right Pet Abilities). Each of these duplicate ability sets also will unlock an achievement giving you really fast account progress and the Crypton that was paid goes inside a pool that is used to pay the passive daily crypton generation from the spellbook.


I don't think this model is sustainable but I have long gotten back the Crypton I put in by now and it continues to generate daily now 389 Crypton but it's slowly but surely going down. Only if you are in the game for the long run and want to make quick account progress I would say it is really worth it right now. You also will get some passively for free and there are sometimes daily quests that allow you to get a duplicate ability set for free leveling up your spellbook.

7) Competitive PvP & Earn

This was also introduced in the last update and they are now working to make the PvP more interesting and rewarding. One of the main goals of the game is to Level up Your heroes and make your teams stronger and the competitive PvP allows players to earn based on how strong their hero collection is giving more reasons to play and level up.


Basically every day you get matched with 1 opponent in a season that lasts 2 weeks. On the first day it's totally random and from day 2 going forward, you will always face someone with the same win-loss ratio. The Rewards are extremely top heavy with the one that manages to get 14W-0L earning 500k Crypton. There is certainly some strategy to it which I broke down in my Competitive PvP Guide


The most I managed to earn myself so far was 6878 Crypton going 12W-2L. As said, the next big update will be the Competitive PvP revamp where they will highly increase the rewards and make it more interesting overall (hopefully). Even for lower-level players, it remains a way to earn some Crypton as eventually you will be faced with opponents as weak as you are.

8) Metaverse Land Plot & NFT Passive Generation

For the average player, occupying a plot of land and having a hero staked on it for some passive Crypton generation is quite straightforward. When going to the Metaverse building, you can click on My Plo( big bottom left icon), go to browse and occupy a plot of land where you want based on if you meet the requirements and also get a NFT Scholarship which already might come with the land plot. From there on out when you log in daily you will receive 1 Crypton for the Land plot and also come Crypton based on the hero and its generation power. In order to earn that day, both you and the Plot Owner/NFT owner need to log in. From what I understand, if the land owner has exported pets, 10% of that generation will go to those the occupy his land daily.


In order to avoid too much hopping around giving scholars and those offering scholarships a hard time, the generation starts at 15% and ramps up to 100% after a couple of days. The higher the NFT Hero Level and how newer it is, the more Crypton will be generated and when an NFT Scholarship has an exclusive skin equipped, the Crypton generation will be higher from the 2nd month going forward.

Basically, if you play the game, get a plot of land with an NFT on it and you will generate some passive Crypton daily when you log in. There is a grace period so it isn't 100% required to log in each day to get the generation. I still have land plots available so feel free to ask in my community so I can help you get a plot of land assigned with a NFT hero staked on it.

9) Owning a Crypto Land with 100 Sub-Plots

This is where things start to get a lot more complicated, difficult, & expensive.


The game has a map of the entire world and players are able to buy land plots for 1 Million Crypton that each include 100 Sub-Plots. Land Owners are free to set requirements that those who occupy a sub-plot need to fulfill. If both the player that occupies a land plot and the land owner log in, 10 Crypton will be generated of which 9 goes to the land owner and 1 to the player that occupies the land.


So if you own a crypto land and 100 subplots are occupied by players that have no NFT staked on it and log in each day, you will passively earn 900 Crypton each day. If players have an NFT staked on their land, 1% of that Crypton generation will go the land owner. If Someone has a Pet NFT exported and doesn't own land, 10% of that generation will go to you as a land owner.


One of the advantages of land is that it's an NFT and it can be sold later down the line.


10) Exporting Max Level Pets

If you have a Max Level Pet, you can export it to the blockchain and it by default has 200k Crypton generation power. This will be paid out to you at a rate of 0.1% each day that you log in for 1000 days after which it is fully depleted. The base cost of exporting a pet is 200k Crypton but this gets reduced as you unlock achievements and make progress in the game. The % discount can be seen in the achievements building. For me right now this is a 8.1% Discount.


You on top can also set a pet ability that reduces the price even more. All this makes that right now for me to export a max-level Pet it costs 169625 Crypton. Exporting a pet also gives a couple instant levels of progress in the game and boosts my Pet luck with quite a bit. Having an Exclusive skin equipped also boosts the crypton generation quite a bit even though it's unclear by exactly how much. From what I understand the extra generation from exclusive skin is +2% for every month since it was released up to 50 months and +100%. So each month it will go up a bit and over time the older exclusive skins instantly will give +100% extra generation power for maximum returns.


I recently exported a Max Level pet with a Furamingo skin which generates 207 Crypton passively for 1000 days for me daily and 23 Crypton daily to players that are on my land. It at the time cost 171k Crypton is over 1000 days that will be a total 230k crypton generation while I'm free to sell the Pet NFT on Opensea at any given point. Once the Crypton Generation power is depleted, it can be activated again by locking DUBI into it. The pet afterward can be destroyed which gives back the DUBI and it also gives back the exclusive skin. So if you have a big discount, exporting Max Level Pets should be a pretty good deal!


11) Export Hero NFTs & Scholarships

The basic idea behind exporting Hero NFTs is that you start with a Level 1 Hero which costs 8000 Crypton to export. You can put those up for Scholarship and the moment someone takes it on their plot you will start generating passive crypton. The most will be generated in the first 30 days, I think that is 1200 Crypton in total. Every 30 days after that, the generation cuts in half unless an exclusive skin is attached.


You on top also get I think some (10% ??) paid in Crypton/Gems/VIP EXP when the person that has your NFT as a Scholarship does a purchase in the game which for sure can add up and bring in extra returns.


It is also possible to export higher-level heroes that have higher crypton generation power and when doing max level export you can get the discount from achievements similar to max-level pets.

89% of the Generation goes to the NFT Owner
10% of the Generation goes to who occupies the Plot
1% of the generation goes to the Land Owner

Each Hero that gets turned into an NFT gets assigned a random constellation (12 options) and a random number (5 options). Heroes from the same constellation and the same level regardless of their class or type can be merged with 5 others that have numbers 1 to 5. When you upgrade them, the Crypton generation power gets reset.



So in a perfect world, when you export 5 Heroes each export costing 8000 Crypton and you do a perfect roll getting the right constellation and numbers, you can stake them on 5 players receiving 1068 Crypton for each the 1st month & 534 Crypton the 2nd month. After that you merge them and you get 5340 Crypton the 3rd month and 2670 Crypton the 4th month & 1335 Crypton the 5th month, 667 Crypton the 6th month 334 Crypton the 7th month. you have earned half of the cost back and you have a level 2 NFT that can be sold quite close to the 40k Crypton value it cost to someone who needs that exact combination to upgrade as the final hero to upgrade level 2 heroes into a level 3 to regenerate the Crypton generation power.

Unfortunately, it's not a perfect world and it will be a struggle to have scholarships where the person logs in every day, you will likely need to buy and sell in the auction house which is the entire point of the system as that generates volume and fees to put into the Crypton reward pool.

12) Speculate on Exclusive Skins

The way exclusive skins work is that they are not only cosmetic but they also increase the Crypton generation power up to 100k Crypton after 50 months. This makes it so that older skin will become increasingly valuable if the game continues to have a player base. Stacking some of these skins now for later should be a good way to eventually make some profit and equipping them on Exported Heroes or Pets also will give a nice return.


Exclusive Hero skins also are said to get an extra use case in the upcoming PvP revamp in that they will give extra abilities. I'm personally stacked on them and will likely keep buying more as long as PRPS continues to trade at a massive discount.


13) Trading in Auction House

Many players that tend to buy stuff in the Auction tend to do it at the ask prices while those that sell tend to dump at whatever price is offered which often has a big gap between prices. If you like it and put some time into it, it should not be that hard to put low buy offers and once they are taken putting it back on the market at a much higher sell price.



14) Running A Community

While I would say that I might arguably be a cost, when done right getting lucky to have the right players in your community, you actually can do well with it as you are getting 10% of the progress when they are buying deals in Crypton/Gems/VIP Exp. For me in particular it makes a difference since I managed to get the old Insanity boosts which by now got nerfed that still give me 5 Sale Points for each level that I clear. So progress in the game is worth a lot to me since I can use those to buy more exclusive skins.



15) PRPS & DUBI Speculation/Investing


If you are not interested in actually playing the game but see potential in the project, you can always passively invest in PRPS or DUBI which are bound to go up if the game succeeds and are trading really low right now. It personally remains one of my bigger investments even after the drop where I added more very much understanding the risk that comes with it. The current total market cap around 11 Million Dollars while PRPS used to buy deals is being burned reducing the overall supply. A lot of trust in the devs is needed as they basically can mint as much PRPS as they want even though they stated that the sell wall now is removed while the buy-wall will be back the moment they are able to actually provide it. All on-chain details around the coins can be found on



There for sure are many different ways to earn in Mobile MiniGames even though things at a higher level for sure can get overly complicated. I personally continue to believe in the potential of the game and the good intentions of the devs to stay invested playing and grinding patiently to hopefully at some point see a big adoption cycle. The game is Free2Play so anyone who wants to judge for themselves make sure to scan the QR code and try it out!






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