Crypto Earnings Altcoin Investment Portfolio (#4 January 2021)

By costanza | costanza | 4 Feb 2021

I started a small crypto altcoin portfolio with the intention to use some of my active and passive crypto earnings, reinvesting them in some 'crypto moonshots' (See Original Post). This is the 3rd update.

The plan continues to cost-average buy and hold altcoins using some crypto earnings I have, making an update on how the portfolio is doing each month and possibly take profit at some time hopefully near the end of the bull run. Coins I take bigger positions in are not part of this portfolio.

Altcoin season is here and you can pretty much randomly pick coins right now and they are likely to do well. This is how the ones I added the last (Link) report performed...


Pretty much all of them doubled in Value, these are the ones I added most recently to my portfolio...


I picked this one up (read fomo'd in) when seeing the video from Ellio Trades early when it just came out. Usually, these get pumped pretty quickly and many of them are impossible to pick up for smaller amounts when they only trade on Uniswap. Hotbit had it listed, but their liquidity was horrible making me have to pay a premium price of 3.67$ on 30/01/2021. I got an even amount of 20 MTA.



I know chico crypto (See Video) is quite high on iExec RLC as an enterprise coin that deals around cloud computing resources. I have been wanted to add it to this portfolio and finally did it as it has not really had a big run yet. I got 60 RLC on Binance on 30/01/2021 for 1.25$ each.



This one is a bit different as I didn't really buy them, but earned them from blogging on Publish0x. It was my first withdraw ever made there and it was processed properly onto my ledger. I actually wanted to put it on binance and possibly sell it but I was not sure if they accept payments made through smart contracts so I just opted to keep it (since it's impossible to sell with current gas fees). I have been using the Brave browser as an alternative option to Chrome and it all works really well. I get the idea around the advertisements but not all too much seems to be happening lately around the BAT token itself. I will just keep the 285 BAT (87.66$) in place as part of this portfolio.


Total Buys so far look like this





There was a big increase from 598.48$ to 1457.69$ thanks to the altcoin season effect kicking in and some coins having been added. Growing this portfolio to 10k is something that would be nice and certainly possible if I continue to add a bit each month this year. There is some danger of the current bull run already coming to an end this summer which I will keep a close eye out for.

The drop in value vs BTC got reduced because of the coins that I added today.


I still would have been better off just holding BTC since it was all about bitcoin when I started with this portfolio getting in at the top of a brief altcoin run. The fact that I'm cost-averaging keeps everything in balance though and I'm up nicely on the dollar values which is mostly the point. Maximizing the compounding effect using earnings to re-invest instead of cashing out and buying things I don't need.

Crypto Exchanges that I am using...






Important:By no means take this post and these coins as investment advice. Rather see these posts as entertainment or motivation to possibly start your own altcoin portfolio growing it over time.


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