Clash Of Streamers | Play2Earn Economy & Tokenomics Explained

By costanza | costanza | 30 Dec 2021

I will be making a lot more content around the Clash Of Streamers Mobile Play2Earn Crypto Game in 2022. I started by offering a Community Sign-Up Deal last week and will try to explain the Full Play2Earn Economy and tokenomics on how to potentially Invest or Earn with this game in this article...

When it comes down to play2earn games, the main question tends to be how much you can earn playing the game and if it's possible to invest in the project to potentially get a 100x return. For those who are wondering about these questions in general, I can suggest reading Guide on How To Get Rich with Crypto Play2Earn Gaming which gives a realistic outlook.

Clash Of Streamers unlike most other play2earn games doesn't tap into the dynamics of creating coins out of thin air to reward players or governance coins have the potential to pump & dump just based on speculation. They created a crazy fun game with a sustainable Play2earn model and tokenomics that are designed to slowly but surely increase in value over time.

1. Investing in the Project (PRPS & DUBI)

So it is possible to passively invest in the Game by buying PRPS or DUBI. If the game ends up doing really well becoming one of the top-grossing mobile games, these coins are set to go up in price.


PRPS and DUBI are coins from the team behind Clash Of Streamer. The Game actually was designed as a first project to support PRPS & DUBI to help support & pump the price with more projects that will follow in the future that will work with these coins. Their goal (as hard as it can be to believe) is not aimed toward making themselves rich but to make as much money as they can to fund their philanthropic efforts in the near future. They have a track record in this and their own charity Organisation called with the game that has been fully coded by volunteers in the past 5 years. So there are no development costs that have to be recovered or investors that need to get a return which gives them an edge on what they can give back to those playing their game.


Tokenomics of PRPS & DUBI
So the tokenomics of PRPS & DUBI are a kind of DeFi Model that isn't all that complicated once you understand how it works. The team provides a sell wall of PRPS in batches. Each time a batch is sold out, the price increases by +0.60%. Each new batch also has a bit more PRPS in it than the previous making it so that more and more money is required to climb to the next level which goes hand-in-hand with adoption. As a result, it is impossible for the price to go 10x or 100x overnight (followed by a dump) just purely on speculation as the required money needs to come in in order to increase the price (or the team needs to be confident enough they can support an increased price pushing it up themselves).

So at the very start when the game still was in development and the risk was a lot higher, the price was cheaper, and not that much PRPS could be bought at those levels. Right now the game is fully developed showing some strong signs of climbing the top-grossing charts while it still is fully under the radar of the crypto world. Right now at a price of 6.58$ for PRPS, the total market cap is around 67 Million while the game already easily earns 20k $ a day and things are just getting started.

All on-chain metrics around PRPS (& DUBI) along with the price evolution can be found on Both coins are trading on Dubiex and also on Uniwap/Pancakeswap.



The team is providing PRPS which exported NFTs from the game can be burned for so they have been getting quite a lot of the PRPS supply in advance knowing that the current and past prices are the cheapest they will ever be able to get it themselves. They also announce when the price of the sell-wall will go up. Right now the price is 6.58$ and they will bump that up to 10$ at the start of 2022 and to 13$ once the game has 10 Million downloads. This doesn't mean you can now buy it at 6.58$ and sell it in a couple of days for 10$ since you will have to undercut their sell-wall and someone needs to buy it from you which likely won't happen instantly. They also bumped the price up announcing it in advance from 3.44$ (June 4th 2021) to 6.30$ (September 11th 2021) after which it was not possible to instantly sell at that price even though now just a couple of months later, it would be really easy to sell it at that price. Patience playing the long-term game is key.

For their 2nd coin DUBI, they provide a buy-wall at the same value of PRPS. It is possible to lock PRPS on which is their own exchange (Button HODL PRPS). Locking for a year instantly will give 4% in DUBI (1% for 3 months / 2% for 6 months). So if you Lock 1000 PRPS for a year you will instantly get paid 40 DUBI. The price of DUBI is the same as PRPS and it can always instantly be sold for that price since they are providing a buy-wall for it. This dynamic is what gives PRPS value as the returns are fully backed for many years to come.

The main idea is that the money that comes in from PRPS is used to maintain the 4% yearly buy-wall of DUBI with them being able to bump up the price each time a batch sells out since in reality what they will need to provide is a lot less than that 4% yearly because of 5 main factors.

  1. Not all PRPS is Locked all the time
  2. The majority of Coins now are held by the team
  3. PRPS & DUBI Burns (See Below *)
  4. Unlocked PRPS Burn value from NFTs (See Below **)
  5. Uniswap & Pancakeswap Liquidity Pools (See Below ***)


These are the numbers right now:



The idea is to have it all automated into a smart contract in the future with a buy-wall that is verified and guaranteed for more than 20+ years so it all becomes trustless. Right now, the entire setup allows them to use part of those funds for their advertisement campaigns which have shown some very good returns getting them that money back in no time.


PRPS & DUBI Burns (*)
Both PRPS and DUBI can be used to make purchases in the game ( which gives players more value for their dollar compared to buying on android or IOS. The PRPS & DUBI used to make purchases also get burned which helps to reduce the money required to maintain the DUBI Buy-wall longer while it allows to further increase the price. It also supports the price of PRPS since there will be buyers if someone undercuts the buy-wall by enough since that gives an even bigger discount on in-game purchases.

PRPS NFT Burn Values (**)
Grinding your way up to having a Max Level Hero or Pet is one of the end-game goals in Clash Of Streamers and these NFTs will have a burn value attached to them in PRPS with a very clever system that incentivizes holding them instead. The PRPS put aside for the burn value won't be locked and will not be generating DUBI reducing the buy-wall pressure and at the same time giving the team a lot of value they hold to potentially get a yield on to reduce the buy-wall pressure even more.

The way it will work is that each season, the exported NFTs will be put inside a pool, and the value the NFTs that gets burned first gets the least while the one that holds the longest and burns the last will get the most. Each new season, the burn values will also go up a bit all while the price of PRPS also should continue to go up as more levels get cleared. The website where Exported NFTs can be burned is live already and can be viewed on


It is also possible to sell NFTs directly on Opensea (Link) and most likely there will be buyers willing to buy for a bit more than the burn value at that time if they are in no rush to burn it. This should create an ultimate greed cycle where there are good incentives for players to grind their way to being able to export a max level hero and once they have done that to hold onto it and not burn it for PRPS. There will likely be some ways also to earn from having these Exported heroes and pets in that they can be rented but those features are yet to be determined and developed.

DUBI on Liquidity Pools (***)
There are liquidity pools of DUBI on both Uniswap and Pancakeswap and both these chains can be used for in-game purchases. They are planning to accept purchases at a higher price compared to the sell-wall they provide both to reduce the buy-wall pressure and increase stability for in-game purchases. So if the buy-wall of 1 DUBI is 10$ they might accept 1 Dubi for 12$ for in-game purchases making it more favorable for both buyers and sellers to use the liquidity pools which don't take anything from the buy-wall they are providing. There is also no cap on DUBI to the upside and they might accept it at market price even if it goes above the 12$.

2. Play2Earn Mechanics (CRYPTON & GUBI)

So now on to ways how it is possible to actually earn money by playing Clash Of Streamers. This is where the most important in-game currency Crypton which can be earned in the game. Crypton can be turned into GUBI which can be sold on the Binance Smart Chain (Pancakeswap).


Where most other Crypto Play2Earn Games tend to create coins out of thin air to reward players (SLP for Axie Infinity & DEC for Splinterlands), Crypton in Clash Of Streamers is only put into circulation from players who are buying deals in the game. This makes it so that the value of Crypton is actually backed by the earnings that the game is making which makes it all sustainable.

There are different ways for players to earn or spend Crypton in the game (even as a Free2Play Player although it will be limited unless you are crazy good at the game or get lucky). I plan on making a separate post of this with much more detail in the future.

  • Passive Crypton From Spellbook
    As you collect more streamer ability sets (by merging them) you will earn some Crypton daily from the Spellbook. You can also level up the spellbook which costs 100 Crypton for 10% (some days it is free as part of the daily quest). This allows accounts to make a lot of progress in the game while that Crypton gets put inside a pool of which each day a part is being passively given to players based on how powerful their spellbook is. This way players with a lot of Crypton who want to sacrifice it for progress allow Free2Play players to earn a bit. a maximum of 200k Crypton can be used to boost the spellbook. Right now, I so far have 145200 Crypton sacrificed into the spellbook and get around 355 Crypton Passively each day.



  • Buy & Sell Pet & Hero Skins in the Auction House
    Pets are a big part of the game and collecting them (100 can be collected each day) allows you to make a lot of progress and increase your overall luck in the game which gives you better loot (more chance on higher rarity pets). There are a lot of different pets with different rarities (Rare / Epic / Legendary) and each of those has different colored and Shiny versions which are a lot rarer but also give more progress). You can buy or sell these pet skins in the auction house. Especially when you are a couple of months into the game you can start selling duplicate skins and using the Crypton you earn to buy skins you don't own yet which is what I am currently doing. It is also possible to flip skins (buying those that are put on the market for cheap and selling them for more) to earn more Crypton but that is quite time intensive.



  • Export to the blockchain
    This is the ultimate use-case for Crypton as you will need 1 Million Crypton to export a Max Level Hero or 200k Crypton to export a Pet. (actually quite a bit less since you get an increasing permanent discount when you complete more achievements). The export fees are paid for by the game.
So Crypton by far is the most scarce and hard to get currency in the game and at the same time also the most needed and valuable. It is also one of the main incentives for players to spend money in the game which has a 'pay-to-progress-faster' monetization model.

3. Streamer & Community Monetization

The game allows everyone to upload and have their own hero Skins in the game which they are free to monetize if they want to. The minimum requirement for someone to get their skins is by following on twitch (or youtube/Facebook) but it can also require a donation or a subscription. The game also allows streaming your gameplay (with or without video/audio) on different platforms directly from the game and streamers with a somewhat bigger following should be able to get extra followers & subscriptions when playing the game and putting a bit of effort into their skins.


For those who are Playing Clash Of Streamers and have a twitch account connected, following me on will give you the following skins for free.


Especially the rare, Epic, & Legendary Skins have an increased attack/health/armor percentage making your team more powerful and the skins can be sold for Crypton in the auction house.

Starting your own community putting some effort into educating new players also indirectly gets monetized as you will get progress in the game just by having players sign up with your link while you also get some progress in the form of Gems, Crypton, VIP Experience, Sale Points when someone makes a purchase in the game. I am giving a lot of what I earn from my community back while also providing personal guidance so starting the game in my community is a win-win situation and players are always free to leave and join another community at any given time.


Final Thoughts

I have been closely following the development covering this project for a long time and it has been doing exactly what it is designed to do which is slowly but surely go up in price without crazy pump & dump swings that keep you up at night.


PRPS in fact is right now my biggest Crypto holding and I'm still accumulating more as I personally see the risk-reward factor as one of the best out there. I have also highly been enjoying the Clash Of Streamers game and I see their play2earn model as one of the most solid and sustainable out there while we are still quite early with literally none of the crypto play2earn youtube channels talking about it yet. I must say though that I like and very much relate to the main dev which for sure makes me a bit biased in my view on things.


If you are into Play2Earn Gaming having missed out on crazy gains from Axie Infinity or Splinterlands and potentially want to get into an undiscovered gem early by playing or investing, I would highly recommend looking into Clash Of Streamers and their Play2Earn Economy. Just try out the game for yourself since it is Free2Play and doesn't require a crazy high initial investment, try to understand the tokenomics and run the numbers for yourself.


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