Clash Of Streamers | News & Progress Report May 2022

By costanza | costanza | 5 May 2022

It has been a year since the Mobile Blockchain NFT Play2Earn Game Clash Of Streamers was released and I continue to be in an accumulation zone keeping track of the progress I'm making along with the news updates in these Monthy reports.

I continue to be highly confident that Clash Of Streamers will become one of the leading Play2Earn games fully acting on it accumulating what I can during the early days while nobody is yet paying attention which I anticipate will pay off in the longer run.


Clash Of Streamers Development News

Right now, most focus is going to the upcoming land expansion which will give much more incentives to export heroes and pets as it will be possible to earn passive Crypton which can be converted into PRPS.

1. Land Expansion
The expected release of Land is somewhere in the next 2 months. 1 full land plot will cost 1 Million Crypton (~1000$) and it will have 100 Sub Plots. Every player can have 1 sub Plot (including alt accounts which will be tracked). I will make a separate post on how everything works once everything is set in stone as the model they will use keeps changing.

The update will be a big one with many new features and a redesigned economy

More early concept images:



I plan to get at least 1 full plot allowing players in my communities to have their sub-plot in the game as part of the Community Sign-Up Deal I'm offering.

2. Land Building Blocks
Players will be able to build on land and blocks to build will be earned by playing the game. These blocks can also be sold and complete buildings can also be sold to other players who are interested. There was a poll on what style they should go for and it looks like this one got the preference. Sub Plots will be 50x50 tiles max where previously it was 100x100.




3. Legacy NFTs & Burn Wall Removal
Right now, exporting NFTs is disabled until the big expansion comes out and NFT's that were exported in the 1st 12 seasons will become Legacy NFTs. These will be able to be burned for PRPS based on the original burn wall so the last to burn will get the most. They also will generate passive crypton not losing any earning power over time. There aren't that many around with currently 276 Heroes & 927 Pets (Season 12 NFTs still well be added) so they should become rare and valuable over time. I personally got to exporting 2 pets which I intend to keep for years to come. There isn't much buying or selling activity now on opensea but pets seem to go for a floor price if 0.1 ETH (~300$) which feels really cheap and I would buy one if I managed to get my hands on one for that price.


4. Possible Nerfs incoming
There was a stream announcing a bunch of big nerfs which included

  • Sale points are being removed from Insanity Deals
  • Maximum of 7 exclusive skins that can be purchased including alt accounts
  • Exclusive skins are no longer being included in the TTTT Voucher Max bulk Buys
  • Account Level Boosts going from 5$ to 10$ price.
  • Burn Wall is being replaced by a new system.

This didn't get a good reaction on the stream and the main dev said to scrap the changes as he came up with a new idea that is not yet disclosed yet. The way I personally look at nerfs and changes is that they all are done with good intentions to get maximum growth and sustainability. They likely won't get it right from the start but adjustments will be made until they get it right. All nerfs are actually buffs to old players and they managed to take advantage of many things that were overpowered in the game.

5. Advertisement & Store Listing

Right now they are still trying out things in the store listing with different names of the game and different screenshots to see what works best. Their advertisements have been fully put on hold and they are saving what they earn to unlock the advertisement floodgates once things are optimized and when the expansion is released. They also have a direct contact with Facebook now where they do most of their advertisement and an improved credit line which can help them scale things faster. They are also trying to make new kinds of advertisements based on things that are popular and get many clicks.





6. Game revenue and Player Base

Right now it looks like they have a player base of 100k players with 40k of those being active daily. This likely includes alt accounts which are going to have a harder time going forward with upcoming nerfs. Their daily revenue just from the App Store & Play Store is around 10k Dollars which doesn't include the payments made with PRPS. There are still occasional whale purchases done with crypto which all gets burned reducing the supply getting PRPS closer to reaching the next level increasing in price./ Just yesterday someone used 1153 PRPS (7500$ at current price) getting 15k worth of in-game purchases for it.




7. Total Account Crypton Value Update coming

In one of the next patches, they will introduce a way for players to see the total account value they have in Crypton based on the pet & hero skins at the current market price they are going for. This will be a nice feature to have.


8. Spellbook Passive Crypton Increase They found a bug in the spellbook that allowed inactive accounts to claim passive crypton which got a big part of the supply locked since it's not being claimed. As a result, the passive daily crypton generation had gone down for me from 500+ to around 400 now. This will soon increase a lot (x3 ?) once they have it fixed.

PRPS & DUBI Update

PRPS is still trading at a rather big discount going from the weak hands to the strong hands or players that use it to buy at heavy discounts in the game store. I continue to cost average my way into it as I see it as almost sure for it to go to 10$+ within the next 3-4 months. DUBI continues to have a buy-wall attached to it of 10$ which it always can be sold for on DubiEx. Their goal is to make DUBI scarce and desirable so it ends up trading above the 10$ buy-wall they provide.


These are the Token Contracts

PRPS (Polygon): 0x972999c58BbcE63a2e398d4ED3Bde414b8349eB3
DUBI (Polygon): 0x950e1561B7A7dEB1A32A6419FD435410daf851B0

a full overview of on-chain activity can be found on

  • PRPS Level 270: 6.59$ (Dubiex) [Last Month 7.01$]
  • DUBI Price: 10$ (Dubiex) [Last Month 10$]

Personal Clash Of Streamers Game Progress

I managed to export my 2nd Pet in season 12 which means I will have 2 Legacy NFTs. I also continue to play the daily quest which takes about 10 minutes a day which brings me some good progress along the way. I also continue to buy a weekly TTTT Voucher with the main aim to in the next 2 months reach 1 Million Crypton Saved so I can buy a full plot of land. I also see big value in exclusive skins as they will give a bonus crypton generation in the expansion based on how old they are from what I understand.




It will be easier to estimate the total account value once the patch comes that shows the crypton value of all my pet skins. I do have 2 Legacy Pet NFTs which I probably could easily sell for 0.15 ETH each. My spellbook is maxed out, I pretty much own most of the exclusive skins that have been released so far and have 40k+ saved crypton. This should easily bring my account value at over 2000$+ while I have put in a lot less than that. I also anticipate everything to be worth a lot more over time as I should be able to generate a nice amount of passive crypton with the next expansion.


I strongly believe these are still the times in Clash Of Streamers where many in the future will look back at as crazy how easy it was to get what will be really rare items like the Legacy NFTs and the early exclusive skins with not much in circulation. I personally don't mind things to take some time as it extends the accumulation period where most of the money will be made. At the same time I also still enjoy the game just playing 10 minutes each day which never feels like a grind and I look forward to everything yet to come. I also highly recommend anyone who is looking to get into a Play2Ean game as an early adopter to at least give Clash Of Streamers a try as it is fully Free2Play. Use the QR code on your phone to download the game.



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