Clash Of Streamers | New Player Tips & Tricks Guide

Clash Of Streamers | New Player Tips & Tricks Guide

By costanza | costanza | 16 Jul 2021

I continue to play and enjoy the Clash Of Streamers mobile game doing the quests each day which takes about 5-10 minutes and continue to learn about how everything works. These are some Tips & Tricks that might help new players...


Play2Ean is really hot right now with Axie Infinity doing insane numbers, Splinterlands  drawing in more attention, and many other of these games popping up everywhere. My main issue with all of them is that from an actual gameplay perspective they provide limited fun and the rewards is what pretty much everyone is in it for. Take those away and 95%+ of the player base would be gone pretty much instantly. Clash Of Steamers in this regard is different as it targets the general mobile gamer who wants a fun and addictive experience without being all too busy with grinding rewards (at least not yet). It does however have full blockchain NFT integration so there is a potential to earn while it is very free2play friendly. With it being so early, it's the perfect time for me to slowly but surely grind my way up without many yet watching this one.

It can be quite confusing to new players (part of the game is still confusing to me but I'm figuring it out) and I already made a post explaining The Main Gameplay Loop a couple weeks ago. (Check that post if you are new before going onto this one). Here are some more Things new players might want to know and understand once the tutorial is over and all buildings are available...


1. Save Progress with Twitch, Youtube, or Facebook Login

The game has full Social Media integration and when you log in on one of them, your progress should get linked to it. So if you ever uninstall the game, you don't lose your progress and you can instantly skip the tutorial by going to the setting and logging into one of these accounts. (I'm only 100% sure it works with Twitch as that is what I am using) when it's re-installed.


2. Navigating the Game with Dotman


Each day there are new Daily Quests to complete as you get free spins and gems which also reward you with some Loot Chests and a Legendary Star. Simply tapping the Next Daily button in the top left corner brings you automatically to the building where one of the quests can be completed. Once your reach account power level 1, the game allows to automatically do all the daily quest just by keeping the Nexy Daily button pressed (pretty much everything in the game can be done automated by keeping it pressed). This makes it possible to get away just playing a minute each day still getting a large part of the rewards.

The game gives everyone a free amount of progress each day and works with a 'Pay To Progress Faster' monetization mechanism. In order to even things out not giving early players a crazy advantage making it hard for players that come in later to catch up, there is a system where new players get a bit of added luck each day which helps them to get on par with existing players over time if they play long enough.

Once the daily quests are done, the 'Next Daily' button will turn into dotman which can be used to navigate the game.


  • Green Dot = You will go to a building where there is something to do or complete.
  • Red Dot = You will go to a building where you can claim a reward
  • Free = Once you complete all the green and red dots you will be able to watch 5 ads which will give you 69k Gems each or 345k gems daily in total. Once you reach VIP Level 1 (a purchase or enough sale points is needed to get there) there are no more requirements to watch these ads and the 345k gems can be claimed just by tapping free 5 times.


  • Anti-Gambling = Once you have watched or skipped the ads, everything is done and you will get the anti-gambling button to enter a mode where you pretty much can see everything you are about to get from rewards in the future. This was put in place to counter the regulatory issues around loot boxes allowing players to know what they are going to get before making any purchase.

3. Manage Your Recources


The game works with a lot of different in-game currencies that can be won and spent to buy or do things. What you don't want to do is use all of them each day until they reach zero since there are many deals on offer where you can trade some of them for more for example in the merchant building. There are also daily deals where you can get discounts you you better have some spare gems not to miss out on those as they provide good progression in the game.


Having certain resources saved up also helps at times allowing you to quickly complete weekly events. At the start, it might be quite hard to save up but as you progress everything becomes cheaper and you start getting more which makes it much easier.

4. Best Value Deal in the Game

The game is pretty much full of deals and microtransactions which all are optional. Usually, players start out for free as there is no instant pay-wall. There is a certain factor of enjoyment and addiction that comes from the game which has them logging in each day. Once they are playing for about 3 weeks still enjoying it, many are willing to start spending some money to progress faster. There is 1 deal in the game (The only one I bought myself) which stands out in terms of the value it brings. This is the Monthly Season Deal which costs 5.49€


This unlocks extra rewards (15M gems | 19 Kappa Scrolls | Level 9 Hero | + More) for collecting Legendary Start during the season (you get all the rewards at the end even if you don't manage to reach the end goal) and it gives sale points to get any other deal offered in the game for free. It can only be bought once each season and allows players to buy it once and renew it for free each new season. Or you can go for a deal that normally costs 110€ which 95% of the players will do spending another 5.49€ the next month for a new season deal.

This 5.49€ season deal gives you +50 VIP Points which means 4 months are needed to get to VIP Level 1. I personally Bought the 5.49€ deal, waited a month to renew it for free, to use those sale points to buy a 110€ deal getting 1100 VIP Points in total which got me to VIP Level 2 along with a lot of crypton I should be able to use to export heroes to the blockchain. I will likely spend another 5.49€ next month and renew the season deal for free from there on out.

VIP 1 is permanent and allows you to get:

  • 1 Free Mega Battle Level 1 Daily
  • 4 Level 4 Heroes
  • Get Double Daily Login rewards
  • +1 Learderboard Sale Points
  • +1 Daily free attract fir Pets
  • Legendary Account Trust Level
  • Skip Daily Adds still getting the Rewards
  • VIP1 Emote
  • 2x Loot form daily VIP Privilege Pack
  • 10% Trust Score gain
  • +75% Gems to Charity
  • +60k Daily gems from Monthly Card
  • +10% Bad Luck Jackpot Points
  • VIP1 Market Trade


5. Shop

This is not indicated anywhere in the game as it's not allowed by the App Store Terms & Conditions, but everything in the game can be bought for a cheaper price paid for with PRPS or DUBI on Since it runs on Ethereum it is more suited for the Whales and not so much for the ones like me who just stick to 5.49€ type deals.


That's it for now, I plan to make more of these posts explaining what I've learned about Clash Of Streamers for new players. It is still very early on and there is no direct expectation of making any money by playing this game in the short run. At the same time, it's the moment of maximum opportunity especially since the game can be played for free and the rewards that are given right now most likely are too high still.




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