Orbem Wars on Secret Network (with some NFTs for grabs)

By Cosmonauta | Cosmonaut | 4 May 2022

This week Domerium Labs which is the company behind Orbem Wars updated their anticipated tower defense game to Alpha version 5, with some improved graphics-sound FXs and bug fixes. Each updates brings new NFTs for the grabs as well, in this play-to-earn game they are "the turrets"! There is still some time for beta, but right now you can head their discord channel and try the game (available for windows and linux 🐧).

Orbem Wars


This week there are two contracts going on in game "Novae Terrae" and "Supply Lines", and you can be one of the early adopters: incentivized alpha won't be long! Don't forget to leave feedback and bug reports on Discord, developers are very friendly and helpful.


Orbem Wars


Don't forget to follow their twitter and medium for the updates. 


Orbem Wars

Let's go! 🌕

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