cubist nude graphite pencil drawing

Risque – 22-01-22

By Corne_Akkers | Corne Akkers Art | 9 Jun 2023

cubist nude graphite pencil drawing

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Angular Times

The next one in the Risque series. After my previous colored pencil drawing ‘Risque – 18-01-22’ I wanted to experiment with angular structures again. The reason is that I already did one in my roundism style (Risque – 11-01-22). One could say I was looking for yet another challenge. In the description to aforementioned drawing I wrote about cross-overs between abstraction and realism. This time it was time to set loose this ambition of mine on straight-edges plains. See if I can get away with a realistic impression wrapped in abstraction than it lets on at first glance.

Flash Lightning

The reference picture is taken during the session of December 30th 2021. That was a great one and I directly fell in love with her chair and rugged blanket. Notwithstanding her roundness by definition Julia happened to took this position with her arms spread. Her left leg was placed in a spectacular angled position. The result was a flash lightning, running from her toes up her leg and spine, branching towards her arms. The tonal rhythym of light and dark plains did the rest. I could not think of a better model and a better position.

The Cat

Executing the drawing and almost finished I felt something was missing though. It seemed the left corner did look a bit empty. It needed an introductory detail. There simply was only one thing that came to mind, almost automatically: her cat. She happens to have a Scottish Fold but I didn’t have a picture of her. I saw her though. The image of the cat therefor is a reconstruction. I looked for hundreds of pictures of sitting cats, seen from a three-quarter angled position. Of course when you look for it there isn’t one single photo to be found. I remembered I drew ‘Catwoman – 24-09-19’ and there is a cat included licking a paw. I imagined the forshortening a bit and I think I sort of got away with it. Sometimes a plan comes together, without knowing its components in advance. Meow!

Click here to read about the sale of a printable to a Slovenian collector.

Graphite pencil drawing (Sakura 0.5 mm, Pentel 4B) on Talens Bristol paper (21 x 29.7 x 0.1 cm) – A4 format)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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Corne Akkers Art

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