cubist art deco nude graphite pencil drawing

Art Deco Nude – 15-08-22 (sold)

By Corne_Akkers | Corne Akkers Art | 24 May 2023

cubist art deco nude grapite pencil drawing

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Another One

After the last Roundism drawing I immediately wanted to do another one. It became ‘Art Deco Nude – 15-08-22’. At the same time I was writing an art statement to my oil painting ‘Art Deco Nude – 14-08-22’. I searched for whom to give credit to for using the reference photograph. That turned out to be photographer Walter Bird. Some of his other pictures from the 1930s instantly made me grab my graphite pencils again.

Walter Bird’s

The sharp-edged razor lights around the body simply are smashing from an artistic point of view. It almost is incredible how the female form in the picture already is delineated so straigtly. I hate to say this but my result is more of an underligning than a deviation from the picture. The latter mostly is the case. I need not worry because I freely admit to simply honoring this guy. So, I will give you his name once more: Walter Bird. Go look him up!


Over the last 10 years I made so many drawings I ran out of titles quickly. I started to name them after the style and I dated them. Roundism came easy because it’s more of swear word, a bit of mockery. Years ago someone found my description ‘New Cubism’ a bit presumptous, hence ‘Roundism’. As explained earlier, cubism was all about ‘multi-perspectivism’ and my particular style certainly is not. Moreover, I like a correct anatomy, atmospheric depth, etc. Anway, with my cubist intentions I stick to straightness rather than curves, even though I have often combined these two in the past.

A Style? Name Please!

With the present cubist (straight and no curves) varieties at hand I am not sure what to call them. ‘New Cubism’ as explained as style indication has expired. Art Deco then? Which is the current title by the way. Perhaps I feel a bit of a cheater because I lean too much on art styles from the past. Art Deco is a 100 years old now and in spite of honoring the style it still feels as borrowed prestige. Could it even give my art a bit of a musty patina? The other day a guy on Facebook suggested ‘Abstract Art Deco’ but I consider my art a bit too less abstract. Neo Art Deco also came to mind. It more a kind of art deco restoration.


As such I put my art under the magnifying glass. It has turned into a true hotchpotch of cubism, art deco, expressionism, impressionism, surrealism and realism. Therefor it is eclecticistic, answering most post World War II styles like abstract expressionism, pop art, fluxus, postmodern art. Bursting out with ideas but also devoid of any craft. I like the styling of art deco and well thought out color theories employed by (neo) impressionists and pointillists. Later I found out many of these artists called modernists enjoyed traditional art school training. Not the bunk education level of today’s average academy but sound value and anatomy training that takes years to master. I want to give back to art what I consider important. Or could it be that I am an anachronism, not feeling at ease in his own era? What do you think and do you love contemporary art?

Click here to read about the sale of this art work to an American collector through Artfinder.

Click here to read about the sale of a printable to a British collector.

Pitt Graphite Matt pencil (Faber-Castell) drawing on Hahnenmühle paper (24 x 31 x 0.1 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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Corne Akkers Art

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