CAIT LP REWARDS Update! 2 New Airdrops! BLUx & CAIT-G


Our first LP Rewards Beta was very successful!

We have 41 unique wallets holding either WAXCAIT and/or TLMCAIT!

The Average rate of return for the LP Rewards was right around 85% APY and while that is good, we want to really incentivize early LP adopters and so this week we will be increasing the total pool from 2500 CAIT to 3500 CAIT. This should see the return rate closer to 110%+ APY.

We feel this is a good level of rewards for holding and collecting the token while also reducing slippage for new users!

The New LP REWARDS Program started at 1100 CST on May 2, 2021 and will run until May 9, 2021 at 1100 CST. Another 7 day run. Afterwards, we will be reassessing the APY rate and potentially adjusting one more time.

This is our final test before we bring in an official partner token for our first big LP push!

This week we will be dropping BLUx from to each wallet that is verified. A verified wallet is a wallet address that: a) has signed up for CAIT airdrops/LP Rewards, or b) has made a purchase of a CAIT sponsored NFT, or c) a user verified through another method

To sign up to receive the BLUx Drops, please signup here:

If you are already signed up for LP Rewards or Airdrops, you will get a fail message saying "assertion failure with message: Already registered"

If this happens, you're already signed up!

Blux will be dropped starting tomorrow in chunks of 10,000 BLUx distributed equally to each verified wallet.

We recommend adding to the CAITBLUX pool on here: As this will be our first official partnered LP Rewards Drop!

It will be lasting 7 days Starting on May 9th at 1100, Ending on May 16th at 1100

We have also dropped our new Governance token CAIT-G to each verified wallet! To read more about the token and how it is used please check out our website here:

If you want to get involved please join us on Telegram.
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In #Bahasa:
Our announcements channel:

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Collective Artistic Investment Token $CAIT
Collective Artistic Investment Token $CAIT

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