CAIT is a Registered Non-Profit, New Collab, Rewards Update | 5-21-21

Hey everyone it’s been a few weeks since the last CAIT update blog post and we apologize for that. We have had a ton of new people, projects and partners joining up with us. We have a few really cool announcements to bring to you along with something that will positively impact the landscape for CAIT moving forward. 


So let’s start with some basics. Our faucet is online and has been used by over 2000 unique wallet addresses with only one case of a confirmed bot. The bot has been blacklisted and there haven’t been any others so far. 

LP Rewards and total liquidity in CAIT has rebounded after seeing a drop to under 50% in LP after the initial treasure chest pack drops. We’re now back up to 61.5% of current circulating supply of 2.38M CAIT, held in alcorammswap LP. 

Thanks to the successful pack drop, we have been quickly closing in on 10% total supply being minted, we expect that to occur over the weekend. This is drastically ahead of schedule and that is a good sign for the future of the CAIT project. Initially we would have been happy if 10% had been minted by official launch on July 1st, at this current rate, we could actually be nearing 30% by that time. 

Coming off the treasure pack drop we received a lot of outside attention from our appearance on The Nifty Show, even I will admit to a terrible performance in the interview itself, however it seems to have caught the attention of more and more people and so for that I just want to thank Joel and Trav for having me on. 

CAIT Collectable Puzzle Packs! 

Now, were going back to our main principle, pay artists what they deserve. So I’m proud to announce a new collaboration pack with 5 amazing artists. On Saturday May 29th at 1200 CST we will be launching the first CAIT puzzle and blending packs. We decided to offer these spots to two of our long time official partners, Eleblob and PuftCreative, along with our newest partner GnomeSeries, and a community favourite Mosaic Stamps. The photography for the puzzle background  was shot and edited by a local Manitoban artist D. Peters. These 5 artists will be getting an equal share of sales and we hope that is will be a fantastic new addition to our users collections. 

There will be two different kinds of packs. A standard pack with 6 puzzle pieces and 1 rare and a jumbo pack with 10 puzzle pieces and 2 rares. There are 4 “level 1” puzzles you can collect. Each of the artists has a 12 piece puzzle that can be blended together to create a complete NFT. Then the final level 2 mosaic NFT will be the 4 original level 1 NFTs blended together to creat the final product. 

Each wallet who blends a Level 2 Mosaic Scene NFT will recieve 1,000 CAIT as a reward, and the first person who blends a Level 2 will receive 25,000 CAIT. 

The packs will be limited to a total of 3000 Standard packs and 1000 Jumbo packs with a maximum of 500 possible level 2 Mosaic Scenes Completed. The packs will be 28.5 WAX for the Standard Packs and 50 WAX for the Jumbo Packs. If we sell out we will be dropping 60,000 CAIT equally divided to all wallets signed up for our airdrops. 

New Official Partner!

We also want to welcome to our team of awesome Official Partners, Nick Gnome and GnomeSeries! We will be assisting them with some aspects of GnoCity and GNOKEN utility. GNOKEN has their own faucet as well now too! You can claim from  their faucet as well as ours every 60 minutes. You can claim from gnokenfauce on for GNOKEN and for free CAIT. Gnomies welcome to CAIT!

DU$T Miner Update

Next, we need to announce that we hit our DUST fundraising goal and have requested for the CAIT main Telegram chat to be activated. It should be happening soon so stay tuned here:


We also want to thank More Crypto for their awesome new video covering CAIT on YouTube! You can watch that video here:

CAIT is now a Registered Canadian Non-Profit

Finally, our big announcement that I am proud to present to you all. Today CAIT was approved for official non-profit status in Canada. Our registered corporate name is CAIT DeFi Organization and will be regulated completely by the non-profit statutes and laws in Canada on Team and Partnership renumeration and compensation. This is a big step forward for the legitimacy of our project and am very happy to be able to offer the transparency that a Registered Non-Profit provides to its members, users, and donees.  We have not filed for Charity status and likely will not for the time being, meaning that for the Canadian CAIT family, your contributions are not tax-deductible. (Check with your accountant on the details) 

LP Rewards Update

One last thing that we should make our LP Providers aware of is that we are constantly monitoring APY on the rewards and are committed to keeping our supported pairs at or above 100% APY. With the influx of new users to CAIT, we expect these numbers to shrink week over week so we will likely be adding more rewards this coming week. 

Alright guys thank you for reading and getting caught up on our most recent information. If you have any questions feel free to join our Telegram group, or you can email us at [email protected]

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Collective Artistic Investment Token $CAIT

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