2000%+ APY LP Rewards Pool On WAX is coming with CAIT/DUST | 5-30-21

It's been a fun week over at CAIT. We had our first successful governance proposal pass thanks to the community's involvement in voting with CAITG. We also released our Puzzle Hunt packs on Nefty Blocks in partnership with GnomeSeries, PuftCreative, Eleblob and Mosaic Art NFT. With the community continuing to grow we constantly have to make adjustments to our LP Rewards pools to keep them in line with our stated targets of 100% APY. 

Let's quickly go over the governance proposal and vote results.

The Proposal: Should CAIT add CAIT/DUST to the LP Rewards program?
Results: 35 Yes, 2 No. 0 Abstains

The Proposal passed as expected and now we are adding CAITDUST as our third officially supported LP Rewards Pairing alongside WAXCAIT and TLMCAIT. 

New Official LP Rewards Pairing and Last Weeks Rewards Recap.

So with the passing of CGPR #2, we needed to decide on the best rate of returns for future CAITDUST LP Providers, based on some preliminary math the starting rate for this pool is estimated to be around 2,200% APY. This will likely decrease rapidly as more LP is added but for the short term, this may be one of the most powerful rewards we have offered yet. 

CAITDUST LP Rewards will start today as of 1200 CST and will run indefinitely, with weekly updates to rewards and earning rates as we see fit. We will also be closely monitoring the rate of this pool this week and will likely be giving daily APY updates as the 2,200% will not stay static as the week progresses and we think it is important to let our users have the most information as feasibly possible. 

Last weeks LP Final Calculations: 
WAXCAIT 85.62%
TLMCAIT 75.36%
BLUXCAIT 155.18%

BLUXCAIT Rewards are ending as of today, so going forward there will not be additional CAIT dropped to holders of BLUXCAIT as that was being funded by If you would like to see that pairing return in the future, make sure to get involved in the BLUX project! 

WAXCAIT had a total rewards pool last week of 45,000 CAIT, this is being increased to 55,000 CAIT over the next 7 days.
TLMCAIT had a total rewards pool last week of 7,000 CAIT, this is being increased to 10,000 CAIT over the next 7 days.
CAITDUST is a new pairing this week, the initial rewards pool for the next 7 days is 15,000 CAIT. The STARTING APY rate on this pairing is 2,203.78% at the time of writing. We will be keeping a close eye on this pool over the next several days. 

CAIT Puzzle Hunt Packs are LIVE 

Make sure you check out our Puzzle Hunt packs created in partnership with 3 of our official partners and one friend of the community. The packs can be bought here on Nefty Blocks and will be releasing on Atomic Hub next Sunday if we do not sell out on Nefty. No additional packs will be minted for the Atomic Hub listing, it will only be if we do not sell out the existing packs. 

What can you do with the puzzle pieces? You can blend them to create 4 smaller NFTs, one for each of the creators featured. From there, you can blend all 4 together to get the final "Summer of Wax" collaborative NFT from CAIT on Nefty Blocks. 

The first 100 accounts that complete a Summer of WAX NFT will be dropped 1,000 CAIT as a reward for completing the puzzle and supporting our fantastic partners and artist friends.

60% of the proceeds from this sale are going directly back to the partners, while a vast majority of the rest is going to mint the CAIT token rewards to those who complete the final puzzle. 

You can see the blends here:




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