What is Steem and How to earn it?

What is Steem and How to earn it?

By coolguy222 | coolguy222 | 3 Dec 2019

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In this post i will tell you about steem blockchain. Steem is a blockchain based platform where authors get paid to post their favourite articles.


There are two ways to earn on steem. One is being an author and other is being a curator.

If you want to earn being an author then you just have to write about your favoirite topics and curators will upvote your posts. Each upvote value depends upon the steem power held in the account of curator. For example if a curator has 100k steem power then his vote value at 100% is 1$. It means if you get an upvote from this curator at 100% then you will get 0.5$ and remaining 0.5$ will go into account of the curator. 

If you want to get rid of the author role and you dont like to write an article then you have to purchase steem and have to power it up in the form of steem power to earn as a curator.

The choice is yours that how you wan to earn steem. A post created can get rewards for seven days. After that the final amount is delivered to author and curator. The payout is 50/50. This mean what ever a post earns ,50 percent goes to author and 50 percent goes to curator. This way both the parties are earning.



There are many dapps on steem blockchain that rewards you for your contribution. There are countless opportunities to earn steem.

Personally i have earned steem and withdrawn many times. Good thing about steem blockchain is that it has zero transaction fees. The transactions are fastest. I have not seen any other blockchain that perform transactions without fee.This is another reason that why i love steem blockchain.

If you are interested in this platform then you can go to the following link. There are two ways to sign up. One is free registration but it takes sometime to approve your account. The other fast way is using third parties which charge you little fee for sign up.

Its again your choice that how you want to register. Any way here is a link of sign up page.


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