GENSHIN IMPACT: How's game-play when set at the lowest specs?

By Conversation Gaming | Gaming Stories | 19 Mar 2021





While I'd love to be posting about my game-play with a PS5 in VR at the best settings possible, I am doing the opposite and setting everything either OFF or to the LOWEST options possible in the graphic's settings. You may want to do this if you are playing on an old computer or mobile device. Even though I have a new Samsung phone which can handle the game in higher graphic settings, I found that setting everything lowest or off made the gameplay during combat much smoother.

Genshin Impact is such a great game that I didn't even notice that the graphics were low. It may have been because I was playing on my phone's small screen, focusing on what to say in English and Thai, trying not to look like a noob in battle with some low-level Hillchurls, or maybe it was all of the above.



Thank you for checking out my Genshin Impact gameplay today. How do you think the game looks in low-res?

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