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Blockchain Innovation in 2020

By dGen | Convergence Stack | 18 Aug 2020

We spoke to David Vatchev, Venture Development Lead at R3. He gave us some great insights into building blockchain startups in 2020.

As we just published our own report on DeFi, we also asked him to tell us a bit about what's happening in that sector at R3. This is what he told us:

'To continue growing, R3 believes that DeFi needs to include high-value service players, bringing robust and regulatory compliant services to augment the DeFi ecosystem. DeFi platforms can, for example, leverage banks and payment providers to expand the breadth of lending offerings through their access to liquidity and international regulatory foothold. Corda is well positioned to bring these institutions into the world of DeFi, through our enterprise-ready peer-to-peer network and well-established ecosystem. Most recently, supporting Nasdaq’s market technology arm to enable other exchanges to digitize asset marketplaces. Through our work with new and existing ecosystem partners, R3 continues to be a key player in the open finance movement, driving digital transformation in legacy operations'. 

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dGen is a non-profit think tank based in Berlin. We focus on how blockchain technology and the convergence stack can contribute to a decentralised future in Europe and what this might mean for people, society, private entities, and the public sector.

Convergence Stack
Convergence Stack

Blockchain is an exciting technology. But, outside of the financial sector (and even inside it), the greatest use seems to be from stacking this technology with other emerging technologies, such as AI, IoT, and more. This is where we talk about these potential use-cases and developments.

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