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Blockchain Beyond Covid-19

By dGen | Convergence Stack | 17 Aug 2020

People have talked about blockchain for a Covid-19 tracing app. But, what if we looked further into the future? What we need is a better vaccine discovery method. To do this, we need better and more secure data sharing networks at an institutional level.

Blockchain could help provide a fully auditable network for health-data sharing. Biobanks, hospitals, doctors, and maybe even one day, secure, individual cold-wallets for personal health-data would be on one side, and researchers, biotech startups, universities on the other. 

e-Estonia already uses a similar system for their e-Health initiatives, so that medical records can be shared without ever being copied and patients can ALWAYS see who accessed them. 

Check out more about how this would work, and the vaccine and drug design system here.

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dGen is a non-profit think tank based in Berlin. We focus on how blockchain technology and the convergence stack can contribute to a decentralised future in Europe and what this might mean for people, society, private entities, and the public sector.

Convergence Stack
Convergence Stack

Blockchain is an exciting technology. But, outside of the financial sector (and even inside it), the greatest use seems to be from stacking this technology with other emerging technologies, such as AI, IoT, and more. This is where we talk about these potential use-cases and developments.

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