What Is The Possibility of Zero Interest DeFi Loan? Let’s Talk About Marhaba DeFi

By autofreak | ContentKing | 11 Apr 2022

Would you like to know about a platform that gives collateralized DeFi loan without asking for interest? Cool, in this crypto project review, you will learn about a platform that issues this type of loan. If you read this article till the end, you will discover halal (permissible) investment and passive income opportunities that is unknown to many people in the world.


The cryptocurrency industry brought with it, new opportunities that were never in existence before in the world’s history. It started by banking the under-banked and unbanked people in the world, then it went ahead to provide rare financial services to everyone regardless of your race, colour and nationality.

With cryptocurrency, cross-boarder transactions did not only become easier, it is faster, cheaper, trustless and more secured than what is available by using the tranditional financial service providers like Paypal, Money Gram, Western Union and so on.

Not too long, about 2–3years ago, another innovation gained massive adoption in the industry, and a sub-sector popularly refered to as decentralized financing became a big deal. Almost all existing cryptocurrency projects and startups are now trying to pivot into DeFi, the race to integrate DeFi into every project is getting interesting as months passes by. In fact, DeFi is the new buzz word, and it doesn’t look like it will fade away soon.

According to Forbes’ report, Abracadabra and Anchor protocol, two of the top DeFi lenders, have issued more than $6 billion in loan between 2021 and January 2022.

In January 2022, the total value of money locked in DeFi lending protocols was about $40 billion. This is an evidence that there is growing demand for these cryptocurrency financial services.

But there is a problem, it appears that all these protocols don’t care about users whose religion/faith do not permit them to give interest or collect interest on loans.

The Problem of Existing DeFi Lending Protocols


All the top defi loan platforms give interest to the lenders and take interest from borrowers, without mincing words, interest is the core reason why users are deposting crypto into these platforms, thereby increasing the TVL (Total Value Locked).

Additionally, because of the fact that DeFi lending protocol offers a faster and better alternative to traditional financial institutions in terms of low interest rate, and zero bureaucratic process. More people are now considering DeFi loan as a better alternative.

Those who are practicing Abrahamic faith do not have any DeFi loan protocol that specifically cater for their financial needs.

The Foundation of Marhaba Decentralized Financing


The Islamic community forbids that Muslims should take or recieve interest based loan. In fact, in some hadiths, the Prophet Mohammed refered to interest as fire. Anyone who is involved in it is spiritually consuming fire that could burn him. Interest, also known as riba in Arabic, is a sin.


Interest was condemned also in Christianity and Judaism.



According to recent world population review, the followers of Abrahamic religion are more than 60% of world population. Yet, many of them are involved in financial act that is clearly condemned by their religions.

It means that there is a vacuum, someone need to create opportunity for zero interest DeFi protocol that can cater for need of more than 4 billion people (Muslims, Christians and Jews).



Naquib Mohammed and Hazem Ben Taarit built Marhaba DeFi on the premise that interest is;

  • Haram (sin)
  • Against Sustainable Development Goals (end extreme poverty, reduce inequality, and protect the planet)

Marhaba DeFi Solution

Everyday, there are series of events around the world where muslims are discusing the position of cryptocurrencies in islam. Many people would like to be able to know a crypto that is forbidden or permissible.

With the launch of Sahal Wallet, muslims no longer need to worry about this, because only tokens and coins that have been scutinized based on shariah law will be available in the Marhaba DeFi Ecosystem through the Sahal wallet.

In addition to this, all users will able to access the interest free loan after providing collateral.

  Comparison with Other Crypto Projects: Marhaba DeFi Versus Hubble Protocol



Hubble is a protocol that aims to give zero interest loan to users after depositing their collateral which could be Bitcoin, Ethereum or Solana coin. It is powered by the Solana network, but at the moment, Hubble community engagement is low. And its ecosystem is not as robust as Marhaba’s.

Here is another challenge, Solana blockchain have a lot of unresolved issues, and it doesn’t have wide adoption as BSC (Binance Smart Chain)and Ethereum blockchain yet. This will surely affect how fast users will adopt the protocol for zero interest loans.

Marhaba DeFi’s Competitive Advantage

  • Mass Adoption and Scalability: having a zero interest DeFi lending platform on a blockchain like BSC is a good decision by the team, because there is a wide usage for the blockchain. It is the second most used blockchain after Ethereum.
  • Solid Partnership: The industry is getting wider every year, and it is hard to succeed alone without having alliance with established technical, media, and financial partners with similar goal. Hence, Marhaba DeFi is intentional about mutually beneficial partnerships. Having partners like Polygon, Sheesha Finance, Australian Gulf Capital, NewTribe Capital, Shariah Experts, Blockchain Australia, Neo Legal, Zero Swap, and zkSync is vital to Marhaba ecosystem.
  • Formidable Team: A brief look at the team behind Marhaba DeFi shows that it was founded by members with solid knowledge of blockchain, DeFi and Shariah law.

  Marhaba DeFi Products

Liquidity Harvester: One of the ways that Marhaba intend to generate revenue is through its proprietary algorithm that is capable of generating up to 15% returns on stablecoin investment per year. The higher version of this algorithm will be able to invest into altcoins and even generate more than 15% returns per annum.

Sahal Wallet: Launched in last quarter of 2021, this wallet will be used to access the Marhaba DeFi Ecosystem, and it will help users to screen out haram (forbidden) cryptocurrencies that are associated with gambling, porn and other haram acts.

Souq NFT: It is an NFT (Non-fumgible token) marketplace where users can create and collect halal NFTs. Of course, like Opensea and cNFT, this is another means of generating revenue from NFT trading fees.

Dexragator: Marhaba users will enjoy low slippage and best price by using this aggregator that allows seamless token swap without front-running issues.

  To Wrap It Up

If you have read this article to this point, it doesn’t matter whether you are a believer of Abrahamic religion or not. Every sane human would like to obtain interest free financial loan, because it is the only means to grow business sustainbly. So right now, you have all the right information about zero interst DeFi at your finger tips. What are you waiting for? By last quarter of 2022, the Marhaba DeFi will be launched and it will be made available for everyone.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency will continue to break barriers in the financial service and fintech industry, and you don’t want to miss out of the financial revolution.

For more enquiries about Marhaba DeFi and to keep tab on next updates and releases, use the links below.

Also, let me know your thought about this zero interest loan in the comment box.

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