How content marketing publishing should be done

What Is The Ideal Content Marketing Publishing Frequency?

By Lou in Space | Content Marketing | 18 Feb 2022

Content marketing publishing needs to be consistent and on schedule. Here is a helpful guide on how content marketing publishing should be done.

You must produce high-quality material, but you must also know how often you should do it. The frequency with which you post will significantly influence the inbound lead numbers. As a result, developing a content marketing timetable that fits your company and your audience is in your best interests.

Larger businesses with significant content marketing spending will be able to analyze analytics and experiment with posting frequency. If you're a small business just getting started with content marketing, you generally won't have this luxury. So, to assist you, we have some helpful recommendations for you to consider.

New Blog Post

Blog Posts: How Often Should They Be Published?

When it concerns blogs and the suggested posting frequency of new entries, a lot of studies have been done. According to the professionals in this industry, the most successful bloggers write one to seven new articles every week.

According to experts, you should produce at least one new piece of content every week. This is preferable to publishing four new blogs in a row but then nothing for the following three weeks. The study's major conclusions were that the more articles you post, the more leads you'll get.

When it comes to the frequency of your blog posts, there are many aspects to consider. After some time, you'll be able to determine how much information is appropriate for your target audience. To publish often, you'll need in-house or outsourced personnel. You'll also need funds to keep up with it.

Prioritize quality over quantity. It is considered preferable to write one highly in-depth and instructive blog article once a week rather than seven pieces that are at most average.

Marketing Through Email

email marketing

Email marketing must be a part of your content strategy. Leads should be captured and converted into subscribers. When employing email marketing, you must be active. If you spend more than a week without sending an email to the list, your response will suffer.

The success of email marketing will, of course, vary by industry. It's important to think about how potential subscribers will buy the product and how long it will take. Sending 2-3 emails per week to the subscribers may have the opposite impact of what you desire if this "purchasing journey" is extremely protracted and lasts months.

If you're not sure where to begin when it concerns the regularity of the emails, start with one per 4-5 days.

What About Bargains?

One thing that came out of the study was that the more offers you put on your landing pages, the more prospects you'll get. There's a slim possibility you'll post too many offers. You just need to sync that with emails you send to your mailing list.

If your website has a lot of offers, this is less likely to irritate any of your clients or prospective consumers. In general, there are no suggested maximum or lower restrictions for offering publication.

You may publish as many deals as you like, but they should be useful to the customers. Existing content may be repurposed to appeal to various types of clients in your audience. This is a low-cost method of directing people to your offerings.

Social Media Posting

This is the most difficult area to anticipate posting frequency since there are so many factors to consider, such as the target audience, social platforms, and your industry. According to HubSpot research, publishing more often benefitted the real estate market, whereas posting less frequently benefited the manufacturing industry.

You want to increase social media interaction, and the platform must be taken into account; for example, on Facebook, publishing twice per day every day might increase engagement. To get the same outcome on Twitter, you may have to send four Tweets per hour.

Keep in mind that each platform's post-lifetime is different. A post on Google+ or Facebook will have a considerably longer shelf life than a Tweet. This implies you'll need to create separate publishing schedules for each social media network.

How many times do you google a day? Do you agree it’s the fastest way to get the information you need? Or the product you want? People are looking for you. But are you accurately looking for them?


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Content Marketing

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