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By PierreL | Content For Creators | 14 Sep 2021

Hello and welcome creative people!

I have already talked a bit about Uppbeat on Publish0x in my free creative tools article, and I have been thinking since then that I should make a dedicated post some day, so here it is. They have been coming up with several exciting news lately and I have been using it more and more, so I figured it would be a good time to talk more in depth about the platform and to explain how you, as a creator, can benefit from it. 


About Uppbeat

Uppbeat is an emerging start-up offering a wide library of free to use music specifically designed for creators. Think Epidemic Sound or Artlist, but British, pink and cheap. The tracks are meant to be used in video and audio productions (youtube, podcasting, ...).

It is designed for creators by the way the songs are sorted. The music is organized by playlists and categories among which which you can easily navigate based on what you are looking for: beats (vintage, hip-hop, jazzy...), mood (inspiring, calm, dramatic...), theme (travel, gaming, tutorial...), style (pop, acoustic, indie...) and many more. We creators don't even have to search for songs anymore, just think about your content and go to the matching playlist to find what you're looking for, it's that easy!


Of course, you can still search with keywords and create your own playlists.

Uppbeat’s license provides permission to use music on any open distribution platform, such as YouTube or Vimeo. Finally, it is important to note that, being as young as it is, Uppbeat definitely does not have the widest catalog out there, but the existing songs are of very good quality and more content is added regularly.



As you know, my thing is to share cheap or free tips for creators on a budget, so I wouldn't be talking about Uppbeat if it wasn't ticking this box. The platform offers two different types of accounts: free and premium.

The free account includes 10 downloads per month, access to only about half the catalog and ads running between songs after a few listens. You will also have to add a copyright paragraph to the description of your video/audio to avoid getting a copyright claim on your content.

The premium account will provide you with unlimited downloads, the ability to whitelist a channel (and more than one soon), access to all the tracks and, of course, you will be supporting the artists. Well that sounds nice, but how much is that gonna cost me?

There is only one type of premium account of three options to pay for it:

  • Monthly, for only $6.99 a month, with a "cancel anytime" policy,
  • A 3-year plan, for $99.99 instead of $250,
  • A lifetime plan, for $199.99 instead of... well, $6.99 * number of years you will live, making it worth it if you use your account for 2.5 years

Here is a chart comparing the plans taken from the Uppbeat website:



And I made a little table to see how it compares with some of the biggest music libraries for creators out there:



Referral program

As with many of its competitors, Uppbeat offers a referral program that rewards users when their referrals sign up with a premium account. When you refer your friends and followers, you get credit for free premium access. The more referrals, the more months of premium you will get, as follows:


You can also create a video review of Uppbeat to get a free year of premium. These are obviously incentives meant to grow the platform as fast as possible, but since these rewards are available to you even on a free account, I can only recommend jumping on that bandwagon to enjoy some great content for free and try out all the features before going premium!



Last but not least, as I said, Uppbeat is meant for creators, and this also means that, unfortunately, you can not use this platform to find songs intended for non-social client work. Forget trying to download a track for an ad, a wedding video or any other kind of content that is not intended for social media. Moreover, since at the moment it is only possible to whitelist one channel, it is fair to say that you can only use Uppbeat for your own content. Since my day job is video editing, this is the main downside of the platform for me, but I still plan on using it as I plan on growing my Youtube channel in the coming months.


Until next time, stay creative! See ya!




Disclaimer: This article is not sponsored but all the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning I will get a reward if you use them to sign up. If do not you wish to support me, here is a clean link you can use: Uppbeat.


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