Star Wars Day: A little fun with VFX

By PierreL | Content For Creators | 4 May 2020

Happy Star Wars Day everybody!

To celebrate, and since it's my job and I've got nothing else to do these days anyway, I made a little video using some of that movie magic I enjoy so much.


This lockdown is the perfect opportunity for me to learn new editing skills, and I've been wanting to play around with masking out parts of an image for a while, without ever finding a purpose for it in my video, until today that is.

This was very fun to make, it gave me a bit of a headache but I'm very satisfied with the result.

"But, how the hell did you make these balls fly?!" you might ask. Well, here's how, my young padawan:

  • The video of me throwing balls is a continuous shot.
  • I froze an image of each ball at its peak and left it there on top of the main footage.
  • I then went frame by frame with a masking tool, drawing circles around the areas I needed to remove from the footage (ball falling, shadow, reflection in the table/mirror).
  • I then overlapped the footage of the balls falling so it all happens at the same time, when I snap my fingers.
  • And voila!

Luckily, Da Vinci Resolve does the job perfectly, it really is the most powerful editing software available for free out there.


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In the meantime, may the force be with you all!

Until next time, stay creative! See you!



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