Movie Magic: The match cut

By PierreL | Content For Creators | 17 May 2020

Hello everyone!

Here's a new movie magic video, with a new simple VFX/editing trick explanation for you guys.

In the video below, a small ping pong ball is being "magically" replaced by a bigger ball, and then turned again into a ping pong ball.



The trick I wanted to learn while making this video is called a match cut. It's a rather simple effect to edit, but kind of hard to film perfectly. I struggled while filming it but I managed to fix it in post during the edit.

How to film it: you need the actor to perform and, at one point, stop moving entirely while something is being replaced by another crew member (here, the ball). Then the actor keeps playing with the new item and the scene goes on.

How to edit it: this is very easy, you just need to cut your video as soon as the actor stops moving and start playing it again as soon as he starts moving with the new item, on the exact frames, so that it looks like it's one single move from start to finish.

This trick is widely used by creators like Zach King or Kevin Parry, who have mastered it way more than me.


That's it for today, short video, short explanation, but hopefully you learned something and enjoyed it!


Until next time, stay creative! See you!



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